It's The Most, Wonderful Time, Over The Year!
By Kickntrue on 9/28/09
Sure- the PGA Tour season is over but this is the time of year when new equipment is introduced. It's kind of funny when you think about it- that once golf season is over the new toys come out (instead of before) but really- that's what this already is. Manufacturers have to introduce equipment now- so that buyers like pro shops and big box retails stores will pick up the clubs to have over Christmas and into the new year, when golf season starts again.

Mizuno introduced their new line of irons in the past week or two- and I'm drooling. I currently play the MP-57's, which now puts me TWO whole designs behind. Looks like I'll need to be upgrading. They have introduced 4 new irons sets to cover the range of skill levels in golfers from their MP58's which a slight cavity back, to their MX1000's for those who desire the ultimate in forgiveness while retaining Mizuno's magnificent feel.

It's interesting too, to see how the different companies are developing their new lines. Mizuno has moved to where they are now with 4 distinct sets, whereas a company like TaylorMade (who is no stranger to a wide-range of gear) is actually pulling back their sets and trying to put all of the technology back into 1 iron to suit all (with last year's Burner Irons).

... Sorry... I lost my train of thought staring at the MP-68's. Sorry guys, post is over- I need to email Mizuno and see if they have any love for oobgolf.

Anyone have their eyes on anything new coming out? Maybe I'll contact them too! I smell an Addict giveaway or two.

Mizuno Golf Home

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Backquak says:
mmmmmm... mp-68s, mmmmmmmmm, sorry droolling on my keyboard
BME_Badger says:
Have to ignore these posts this off season. I reloaded 90% of my bag over the last 1.5 years so it's time for a break. Well, speaking of bags... crap... see what you started!
Banker85 says:
ya i redid my bag this summer everything but the Irons, i am in the market for them but my wallet isnt open to the idea right now. stupid wallet!
BME_Badger says:
just open a new store branded credit card, you can use it without opening your wallet :-)
Kickntrue says:
@BME_Badger- ... you may want to get a quick lesson on how that thing works before you start using it. :)
Banker85 says:
bducharm says:
Looking at the new Titleist MB's possibly - VERY nice looking....
bwiemerslage says:
Wow those 68's look nice. I play the 57's and love them. I would think about upgrading but the grooves on the 68's are conforming to the 2010 rules and I am no more than a weekend duffer and like the spin with the 57's from anywhere on the course.
Smeltn says:
never played with Mizuno's. Always been a Callaway person, but I hear a lot of people talk about Mizuno irons.
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