New TaylorMade R9 Irons
By Kickntrue on 10/2/09
TaylorMade has announced two new iron sets, the R9 and the R9 TP. They cavity back looks a little funny to me- but it's all from pictures not seeing an actual club. It almost looks like a rubber black back- but I can't imagine that is the case.

Both sets of clubs will conform to the new groove rules of the USGA/R&A for 2010.

This is really starting to scare me- I figured the pros would play with new grooves and we'd be able to continue to play with the good stuff. It really looks like every manufacturer is going to start only making the new grooves- so despite all the other technological advances, in many ways they're going to be going backwards for amateurs looking to spin the ball. On the plus side- most of us suck too much to really ever know the difference.

I don't really have a single link for the R9 iron info- just type it into Bing.

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cheymike says:
Not surprised about the new groove iron situation. If us amateurs want to play with old groove rule stuff, we'll just have to keep our old clubs or buy leftover stock. I'd guess that none of the new things coming out of the big manufacturers will be non-conforming. After all, doesn't everyone want "what the pro's play"? LOL!
Banker85 says:
YA my irons are classic tight lies so i cant wait to buy some grooved irons that dont conform. while im at it might as well buy a japanese non conforming driver i see on ebay all the time! anyone ever use one of those?
Smeltn says:
yeap looks like I am sticking with my 1996 Big Bertha's. I was looking for a set of new irons and guess if I am going to get some, I better do it now before its to late and they are all the new grooves
Leeroy66 says:
Golf suppliers are allowed to sell non-conforming grooves through 2010 but golf manufacturers are not allowed to manufacture irons and wedges with the old grooves. To be honest, you can feel the difference on the wedges but I have played with the new R9 irons and I can tell you as a 15 handicap the only thing I noticed was how good they felt on impact and they probably added 10 yards over my year old Taylormade TPs.
I can tell you now Smeltn, if you are using 13 year old clubs you will be blown away by the technology changes that have taken place... particularly in the past 1-2 years.
Interestingly, I hear that Taylormade just became the number one best selling iron manufacturer in the US, outstripping Callaway.
Leeroy66 says:
Oh, and for the person who posted the review, yes the back looks like a big rubber stopper in the photos but it is actually a black metal cover over the cavity. It looks a nice clean design in real life...
canuckgolfer says:
I been picking up some sweet heads and clubs on eBay that are new and have the bigger grooves. I can draw back the ball now quite nicely using my 8 and 9 iron that I could not even accomplish using my wedges a few years ago. So yeah, I will be running right out to buy something that makes it harder. Remember this, the balls and clubs they play are not the same we can buy anyway. A lot of their stuff is prototypes and stuff we never see. Look at Phil`s special hybrid he developed or the special Ultra High Compression Z-Star X ball Henrik Stenson plays just as a couple of examples. I think this is bad for an industry and economy that needs products to be ``must have`` in order for people to part with their hard earned cash. I know I won`t be buying any new irons and clubs with the new groove rule. Oh well there is still new drivers and hybrids to look forward to. :)
golfshoppingshop says:
I have ordered a set of r9 Irons at wowgolfclubs, waiting for the arrival!
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