Dear Callaway,
By Kickntrue on 11/23/09
It's almost 2010. Do you really think you should be naming something "MACK Daddy?" I realize you've been using the name for quite some time, but take a cue from yourselves and retire it, just like you've decided to retire the "Big Bertha" name for all new equipment.

Back in 2002 it was maybe cool to call something the "Mack Daddy" but you really should move on. Do you have a marketing department with anyone under 35 in it? Oh, and I noticed you trademarked the name "MACK Daddy." Umm... congrats?

Oh- your new wedges looks cool. If I can get over hitting Mack Daddy grooves, maybe I'll check them out...



PS - Type "Mack Daddy" into a Google image search and you'll see what I mean.

MACK Daddy Wedges

photo source (notice the year)

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jeremyheslop says:
I agree it doesn't instill the same kind of effect as other names. That being said if they are REALLY good then it doesn't matter what they are called. The proof will be in the pudding.
Banker85 says:
ARE YOU F'ING KIDDING ME CALLAWAY?! who came up with that? i would really like to know so i can send them a letter telling them how dumb they are.
Bryan K says:
Um...weren't Kriss Kross the ones who made the term "Mack Daddy" and "Daddy Mack" popular? I forget which was which, though.
Swingem says:
Agreed, dumb name. Has probably kept more than a few consumers from looking at the product. Hard to believe that some solid market research wouldn't flush that one out.
Bryan K says:
There are more than a few names for golf items that I have strayed away from simply because of the name. Big Bertha was one of them. The Sumo name is another. Mack Daddy is definitely one.
trikai says:
@ bjohn, it goes well with my Wigitty Wigitty Wack-E putter! Talk about grooves! I still wear my pants backwards...wait?
Torleif Sorenson says:
Chances are, the same moron who invented the "Mack Daddy" name for those clubs probably "worked" in golf PR before this and promoted hundreds of "championship golf courses" that, of course, never will be.

And minus 500 points to Bill Knees, Senior VP of Marketing at Callaway Golf for signing off on the name; this is "pointy-haired boss" stuff that Scott Adams makes fun of in his "Dilbert" comic strips.
Mjw71772 says:
Maybe Callaway is strategically placing itself to go out of business. Not a smart business move, unless of course you have decided you made too much money and want to retire.
cheymike says:
Mack Daddy... Sir Mix-a-Lot's 3rd Album....... 1992!!! Wake up Callaway, its almost 20 yrs old... and how the hell could you "tradmark" THAT??
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