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Gifts For Golfing Dog Lovers
By Kickntrue on 12/2/09
oobgolf loves variety... and boy do we need variety right now. That's why we reached out to Krista Bastianelli from Puppyfarts's Blog to help us with Christmas shopping for dog lovers. I like dogs, but I wouldn't call myself a dog "lover" and I still find Krista's blog entertaining. If you're a dog person you should definitely bookmark it.

Gifts For The Golf Lovers' Dog:
1. Hyper Products Doggie Driver: $24.99 at Petco
If you have a dog and love golf then hands down this is the best toy you could ever own. You swing it just like a normal club and you can hit it up to 100 yards. This toy allows you to practice your swing and play with your dog!

2. Golf theme Collar: $16 on Etsy by seller "IggysDesigns"
Your dog is your best friend, so of course he loves everything you do and with this collar you can both show off your love of golf. The fabric has golf balls and golf tees on it. It comes in a variety of sizes and is machine washable.

3. Orbee Tuff Sport Golf Ball: $6.95 from Planet Dog
This ball made for Small/Toy dog breeds looks like a golf ball and got 5 out of 5 Chompers on Planet dogs Chew-O-Meter meaning its a nearly indestructible chew toy. A great stocking stuffer for your pup this Christmas!

Gifts For The Dog Loving Golfer:
1. Dog Breed Golf Headcovers: $34.95 from
Protect your clubs and show support for your favorite breed. They have nearly every breed available from Shiba Inu's to Labrador Retrievers.

2. Golf Cart Lookout Seat: $59.99 or $79.99 (based on size) from
If you are a golfer that simply can't bear to leave Fido home than why not bring him along. With this special seat he will remain safely strapped in and will love spending the day with you outside on the golf course. There are several courses that now allow dogs such as Belgrade Lakes Golf Course in Maine and Daufuskie Island Golf Resort in South Carolina.

3. Dog Breed Golf Umbrella: $17.99 from
Great for a rainy day on the course and to show support for your favorite breed. They feature several different designs per breed; for example if you'd rather have a cute Alaskan Malamute puppies design vs an adult Malamute design they have that option. Sample Link (internal):

Thanks again to Krista and if you're a dog lover, please check out her fun and informative site Puppyfarts's Blog. One of her best areas of expertise is helping new/future dog owners determine what breed is best for their lifestyle and living situation. I know she'd be happy to answer any emails/questions you may have if you're considering a dog for yourself or your family.

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Backquak says:
that driver looks promising, i hate getting my wedge all slimy.
Banker85 says:
I have the doggie driver it is pretty fun, until your dumb dog gets in the way and gets smacked on the down swing!
wrhall02 says:
The doggie driver sounds interesting...but only in oob has adds a stat tracking tool...

Driving avg, Retrieval times, tips from wedge guy on how to handle a drool soaked ball?
Backquak says:
the real question is who won the november addict give a way? I'm ready for my christmas present from mizuno.
Kickntrue says:
@backquak- it's still running for a couple more days into December.
Oak says:
I'm getting a dog soon and thought that a twilight golf 9 hole walk would be an awesome way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I have to research courses in Mass that allow pooches, but does anybody actually do this on here? Do other golfers act condescending? As long as I keep the barking to a minimum and clean up any accidental dropped dueces, I figure no harm no foul, right?
Backquak says:
OK, I guess I'll be patient,

Did I win yet?

How bout now?

I've really got to visit some other websites, this is getting ridicules, or I guess I could work a little bit.
Backquak says:
Oak, I know my dog can't go, she can't leave a ball alone. i need to train her to drop it in the hole, instead of tossing it at me.
Kickntrue says:
@oak- For what it's worth, on some laid back courses I've seen people out with dogs. I personally wouldn't want the extra hassle. You stripe a driver down the gut- hit a 3 wood to 15 feet for eagle, and then just before you putt- your dog drops a deuce or chases after a rabbit... and you can't even putt out, nevertheless concentrate.
bducharm says:
Since Tiger is in the dog house, should we consider some of these for him??? Sorry, had to...
Bryan K says:
What about us cat lovers? Every time I'm on the course and see a goose (or a gaggle of them), I wish I had my cat with. I hate geese....and a cat just seems like the perfect solution.
Kickntrue says:
@bjohn13- what kind of cat do you have that kills geese? i'm not sure you're allowed to own a panther.
Backquak says:
i think this is the purrfect opening for bducharm's tiger joke
Did u hear Tiger is changing his nickname, but keeping it in the cat family... cheatah
get it, cause he's a cheater, ha, I'm loving those
Bryan K says: cat is just a regular old American short hair gray tabby cat....but is is a little unusual in the fact that he is rather large. He's 21 lbs. and he hs not fat. I could totally see him taking out a goose. He likes to go for necks, and that leaves him a huge target area to aim for.

Buddy is his name, and he is the most awesome cat in the history of cats.
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