Doodle Golf iPhone Game- Free Today
By Kickntrue on 12/21/09
iPhone and iPod Touch owners- I found a new game that is free today- Doodle Golf. While not a golf arcade game, Doodle Golf brings a fun new twist to the golf fan, perfect for the touch screen device. It's actually closer to "Operation" than anything but it's still pretty fun.

It has many different levels with varying levels of difficulty. You have to navigate your ball through through various obstacles while trying to get it to the hole. Here's the catch, the obstacles disappear when you start so you have to do it through memory and careful movements. It's not the best game in the App Store (not even the best app with "Doodle" in the name, that would be "Doodle Jump."), but it will waste small chunks of time throughout your day, and hey, it's free today. Get it!

Download From Here or search "Doodle Golf" in App Store.

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