Last Minute Gift Ideas
By Kickntrue on 12/24/09
You're running out of time. Seriously, if you're still shopping- you're about to look like Scrooge. put together a last minute shopping list. I personally recommend the $10k Louis Vuitton golf travel bag (#4). Who comes up with these lists?! I could have come up with a better list off the top of my head.

/Challenge Accepted

1. EIDOLON Wedge (they ARE that good)
2. TaylorMade Penta Balls
3. Gift Certificate To
4. Rain Gloves (they'll love you when they're needed)
5. 2nd EIDOLON Wedge (2 is better than 1)

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Banker85 says:
your cheap... im going for the 18K golf cart!

ya great last minute ideas. Where the hell am i supposed to find one of those carts?
tennesseeboy says:
I was just wondering, do women understand men as well as men understand women? I just went to an expensive spa to buy my wife a gift certificate. She loves the place. I get there and they have tables set up in the lobby with 8 cashiers selling gift certificates to procrastinating husbands. There were probably 45 guys in there waiting to pay $100 for a piece of plastic.

Now I like most men do not understand why anyone would pay $100 for a facial and a foot rub. On the other hand, most women can't understand why anyone would pay $70 to chase a little ball around an exquisitely landscaped field. Still, I can't help but wonder how many golf course have to set up extra tables in the club house to handle all of the women that are there to buy gift certificates for their husbands?
Kickntrue says:
@tennesseeboy- while i understand the point you are trying to make- you have it backwards. of course women understand men- that's WHY the spa had extra tables set up on December 24th for all the last minute men. Women on the other hand- while they may not understand golf know that they can wear nothing (which costs nothing) and completely control their man and his willingness to go drop another $100 on her at the Spa. I think they know what they are doing.
Mookie says:
So true, Kick.
falcon50driver says:
It's no wonder that women rule the world. They control half the money and ALL the......well you know.
jeremyheslop says:
Can't wait to get my two (or more) eidolon wedges! I'll let you guys know what I make out with tomorrow on the forum. Pictures will be posted.
mjaber says:
#3 should be gift certificate/gift card to local golf shop. Let's support the local guys. They're always willing to help, and offer advice, whether you're buying tees or a full set of clubs, or at least they are at my local shop. :)
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