McKennon Golf Bags
By Kickntrue on 1/18/10
Are you not getting enough from your golf bag? Maybe you need to think leather.

I received an email this morning from Mike McKennon this morning, founder of McKennon Golf Bags. Here is quote from Mike on the front of the McKennon site and tells you about all you need to know about the bags:
"As we continued to develop The McKennon Player's Bag we carefully considered every single feature of the modern golf bag. We didn't incorporate a damn one of them."
My curiosity was peaked and below is an email interview I conducted with Mike.

How did you get into making golf bags?
I didn't really get into making bags, I got into making a bag that I wanted. One I would pay money too own. I knew what I wanted to create. I didn't know a thing about how to make them. But I knew how to hire people that did.

Why leather and why did you decide to go old school with your bags?
Nothing is more luxurious than great leather. Plain and simple. You can find lighter materials, and cheaper ones. But nothing feels like great leather when it is on your shoulder. Same thing with a glove. There is no substitute.

You mention- putting the "experience" back into the bag- what is that?
The "experience" is that visceral feeling of putting our bag on your shoulder and at that very moment literally feeling the game connect with your soul. It isn't a feature of our bag, or one of the materials we use.

It is what you feel when everything is put together. I have said before that if I could create a product that would replicate the sound and feel of metal spikes walking across a cart path I would buy it in a minute.

What does a golfer's bag say about him/her?
We are more concerned about what he/she says about the bag. It's not a status symbol. It should be functional but enhance the experience of playing the game. If it doesn't, no matter who makes it or what it costs, you should look for another bag.

Why should we buy your bags?
We exist at the intersection of too little and too much. Our bag adds to the experience of the game itself.


There you have it. I'm sold... kinda. I love the idea and they are sort of giving the finger to "the man" which is cool, but the price is a bit steep for a prude like me, $699, though for what it's worth, there is a lifetime guarantee. I also have no issues with current golf bags, which may or may not put me in the minority. I kind of like all the pockets.

But hey- what do I know? Mike had to pull out of the PGA Show next week in Orlando, because they are so back-ordered and out of stock that they don't even have product to show. I'm guessing there are more than a few golf businesses who would love to be in that situation.

McKennon Golf Bags

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chrisfb1 says:
human race started to hunt animal and use the leather to keep them warm, it was the easiest thing to do for the purpose. after the dynasty of fabric and silk, now we have the most advanced cotton and fiber technology on earth, but our ladies decided to go back to the leather and fur. i guess the same idiotology, applies to golf bag too!
nolongerhere says:
This sounds just marvelous. And carrying is a both practical and a great experience. But won't one single carrying strap hurt?

Are there any other pictures, else from their facebook page and the product site? Maybe even some independent reports and tests?
nolongerhere says:
...and what's up with

Are these the same people?
Kickntrue says:
@reuben- interesting find. it would appear not, though the similarities are certainly catching.
eventHorizon says:
Mackenzie bags have been around for a long time. My dad loves his. He rides most of the time now so he has a big cart bag but while I was growing up he used his leather bag and spoke wonders about it. Not too heavy, good looking, no stand though. I'm guessing you could put an Izzo on it (are those even around anymore though?).
tennesseeboy says:
The "visceral feeling of putting our bag on your shoulder" would probably be more of a sharp pain in the lower back for me. My Clicgear push cart was the best golf investment I've made in years.
NWGolfer says:
I can tell you that the Mackenzie golf bag comapany is still very much alive and better then ever. They are still making the original all leather carry bags from scratch and you will see their bags in the new Golf In the Kingdom movie that was filmed at Bandon Dunes! I have been a loyal supporter for the Mackenzie bag since it was associated with Peter Jacobsen back in the day and have owned more then 10 of these bags over the years - each more impressive then the next!
Mookie says:
Parsing his words, it sounds like he's selling nostalgia.
sepfeiff says:
Thats BS. They should have hickory shafted niblicks and mashies in there with leather wrap grips. Fancy graphite and steel shafts! <>
BushwoodCC says:
I love my real MacKenzie walker from the day I received it and they are a class act, this guy's bags and company seem like nothing but a total rip-off of a great product already being made in the same part of the country. Perhaps he is a disgruntled former employee or just too lazy to build his own unique product but it's disgusting just copying somebody elses as he's clearly done down to the last detail.
riversidemember says:
The Mackenzie bag dates back to the 80's when I carried them in college. I've never had anything else. The original was the old Sully bag and the pattern's the same. For this guy to feign originality is pure spin. The people at the Mackenzie Bag Company in Portland Oregon know the history and don't shy from it, that's integrity, not what this guy's done. He shouldn't be promoted or patronized for any originality.
golfnutcase says:
Reuben - to clarify for you, the McKennon bag is NOT the same thing/product as the MacKenzie. The MacKenzie bag stands head and shoulders above this (in MY opinion) wanna-be. An article appeared in the Oregonian that will tell the story better than I could: Published: Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 7:35 AM, Author: TORSTEN KJELLSTRAND.

I quote: McKennon, recently laid off from his job at Nike, approached a "local golf club bag" manufacturer in Portland, OR, with the idea of buying the company (MacKenzie has a remarkably similar product). Apparently it did not work out. Then coincidentally, one year later, as if by magic, the bags appear, under a very similar name (although we cannot use that as a basis for bias), and in a remarkably similar form and shape as those by MacKenzie. Please read the article yourself and draw your own conclusions. then look at pictures from each companies' product and draw your own conclusion. Replication is sometimes the highest form of flattery.
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