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dBrush - Pocket Club Brush
By Kickntrue on 2/3/10
One thing the PGA Merchandise Show does is introduce you to a lot of small companies with new and unique products to the market. While this year's show was certainly smaller than in recent years, due to the economy, there were still a couple products that really stood out. Kevin and I are always amazed by how many companies try to get into what seems like a very small market for things like tees, club brushes and divot tools- but some companies do rise from the masses and make themselves profitable.

One such company (well, I don't know if they are profitable) with a unique take on a pretty common product is dBrush- a simple quarter-sized club brush to keep your iron's clean. Unlike a lot of wire bristle brushes that within days look like they've been used to brush the teeth of Shrek, the dBrush fits in your pocket and doesn't use "bendy" wires. The brush though- is still very strong and will get the job done.

You can pick up a dBrush for a couple bucks or buy it in bulk and imprint your logo on it. It's a pretty strong marketing giveaway for sure.

I know it seems like a pretty simple thing- but I think it's one of the more solid products I saw at the show (they aren't paying me to say this). You don't need to take my word for it- they did with "Best New Product" at the fall show in Vegas last year.

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Eddy Whitaker says:
i've had one of those for almost 2 years
Trip says:
That's cool. I like that I can keep it in my pocket. I never really use my brush on the bag. I think I would use this.
Bryan K says:
Looks pretty cool. I'm terrible at keeping my grooves clean, largely because it's inconvenient when on the course unless there are club washers at the tee boxes. Last fall, when the tep was getting below freezing at night and all of the club washers were put away, my clubs got pretty gross.

What they need is a visor clip with a ball marker. Make it so you can replace the bristles, and I'll be a customer for life. I still think I'm going to order a couple to try 'em out.
Shankapotamus says:
As someone who typically walks, I can't say I would use it much b/c I already have my brush on my bag which is easier than digging into my pocket. However, I do think it is a good idea. I don't think I would be willing to pay "a couple bucks" for it though. It needs to be cheap enough that it is disposable. Also, I wonder if you end up with a bunch of dirt/grass/sand in your pocket by the end of the round.
Bryan K says: thoughts exactly. My one beef at the moment is that I really don't want to carry around my groove cleaning tool in my pocket. It's kind of gross, especially in the early spring and late fall when the courses are all littered with goose droppings (blech).
Clint24 says:
Is it possible to take the 'non-bending' wires and put them in a bigger brush?
mjaber says:
Is there any chance it comes with a dBag?
brianshaffer32 says:
I think it will def. stick to my frogger on my bag!!!
k-von says:
Why doesn't the hand model just use his wolfman claws to clean the grooves?
tminer7 says:
k-von, that is funny!! Lol!!!
Bryan K says: I come from, a dBag means something completely different. It usually comes in a plastic baggie or a cigarette cellophane, for one thing.
mjaber says:
@bjohn... yes, that's what it is here, too... However, some marketing genius would probably try to market an add-on bag to keep the offending materials (as others have pointed out) from ending up in your pocket as the "dBag for the dBrush." dBag is also used as an insult to one who does something stupid that angers or offends you. :)
Bryan K says:
Hmm....dBag has a lot of uses, huh?

But I can certainly see the stoners among us buying the dBag for their dBrush and calling it the dBag for their dBag.

ipv6freely says:
I will be buying one... my brush hanging on my bag always gets stuck to my towel and rips to to shreds. Having something small for my pocket would be nice.
Bryan K says:
I'm getting a 3-pack off ebay for about $8 (including shipping). I figure if I can at least keep 'em in my bag, it might lead to me keeping my club heads cleaner.

One good thing about the club heads are sparkling right now!
Swingem says:
I've been using the Frogger for about a year and like it. The retractable cord is great and the wire brush are surrounded by nylon bristles so it doesn't snag on my towel. It also has a groove cleaner that folds away. bjohn, I agree, I wouldn't want the associated groove gunk in my pocket either.
mjaber says:
@bjohn... will that make your bag the dBag?
ipv6freely says:
I just wanted to say, I placed an order for this and their "thumb caddy". They had an issue running my credit card, so I spoke to them on the phone today. Great people, very polite and friendly.
ipv6freely says:
Just got my dBrushes in the mail. Man these things are going to be great. the bristles are REALLY stiff, something I had worried about. Not so sure about the thumb caddy, but hey, it was only a couple bucks.

As far as the comments made about gunk in your pockets - meh. I have shorts and pants that are worn solely to play golf in, and the pockets in them im sure are pretty bad. I just kind of expect them to be. Whatever.
cwebbie says:
Added Value:

You can also use it to get that pesky grime out of your fingernails at the end of a hard days work/golf! (Probably the reason they used Edward Scissor Hands as their hand model.)
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