New Bridgestone B330RX Photo Contest
By Kickntrue on 2/8/10

Bridgestone has a new Tour level ball made for amateur swing speeds coming out next month. I have some now! To be exact- I have 2 dozen- plus 4 special edition media kit packs, which include 9 B330 RX balls in a neat little package that you could either keep or play with (I'd personally go play them).

So that's up to 6 winners to receive balls that aren't available for another month. I'm actually pretty jacked about the new offering from Bridgestone who is well known as a ball maker and has had a lot of success with their B330 balls. From the results of over 50,000 ball fittings in 2009, Bridgestone realized their was a huge market gap in the entire golf industry. A ton of people were playing Tour level balls like the ProV1 (or Bridgestone 330) who need the feel and playability, but who didn't have the swing speed to fully compress the ball. The B330 RX fills that void. It's Tour level (and Tour expensive at $45/dozen) but is made for players with a swing speed of 80-105 mph ... aka.. most of us.


Anyway- on to how you win. I'm hoping it will be fun- though it's going to take a bit more effort than anything we've done in the past (so don't leave me hanging!). Email us a picture of you- WANTING to win. We'll post the pictures we receive and pick a winner this Friday. Be creative. Have fun. Snap a pic with a cellphone and send it on. The idea isn't professional photography, it's fun. ... Ladies (or guys with ladies willing to help you win balls /haha) ... this would be a perfect time to participate. :)


Submit your photo to All pictures received by Friday morning at 9am EST will be considered.


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Kickntrue says:
QUICK UPDATE- I have received a couple photos so far... but anyone willing to make a little effort, your chances are probably pretty good for winning.
Kickntrue says:
UPDATE 2- Pictures are starting to roll in... but you'll still have a real solid chance if you email. Still 100% male...
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