Kim Switches To New Nike Method Putter
By Kickntrue on 2/9/10
Anthony Kim has made the switch to the new Nike Method putter, joining most of the Nike team, (minus one big player of course).
When Anthony Kim had his breakout season in 2008, he did it using 12 Nike clubs. The two non-Nike sticks were an Adams hybrid and a customized Scotty Cameron putter that said "Boomer Sooner" on the flange as a nod to Kim's alma mater, Oklahoma.

This season, Kim is playing 14 Nike clubs. The hybrid club was replaced by a Nike SQ Dymo fairway wood, and Kim is now playing a new Nike Method 001 putter.
As some of you know- a few months ago I visited The Oven, Nike's test facility in Ft. Worth, Texas. While the whole experience was awesome- and getting a whole bag of new clubs is sweet, the single piece of new equipment I was most excited about was the Method Putter. I'm actually still awaiting delivery since it's just now available (and mine needed some customization), so really it is STILL the piece of equipment I'm most excited about. When I could stand on a putter surface with high speed cameras and technology it was really obvious how unique this putter is. The ball started rolling 75% sooner and with so much less skid than any other putter I was able to try in comparison. The putter was 2 majors last year (Lucas Glover, Stewart Cink) before it was even on the market!

I really think some non Nike players will start using the Method, just like you see people do now with Scotty Cameron and Odyssey putters.


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Tee it High. says:
I agree with you completely. I was able to hit one this past weekend along with the newest Odyssey and Cameron putters and could not believe how great it felt. It would not surprise me in the least if they start popping up all over tour and it will be interesting to see what Tiger does.
Kickntrue says:
@Tee It High - when I talked to Nike- the acknowledged the fact that Tiger switching would be amazing, but they have no real hopes that it will happen. Tiger is married to his putter- and has been for YEARS. Hard to argue with the results- but they do have hope "science" will win him over sometime....
Tee it High. says:
@Kickntrue - Did Nike mention Tiger having input into the putter? I thought I read that some where. It would be a nice gesture by Tiger seeing how supportive they have been of him lately.
tennesseeboy says:
@Kickntrue- Let me get this straight. Tiger will never use another putter because he is married to his current putter. Are we talking about the same Tiger?
Swingem says:
Tiger? Didn't he used to play golf?
cheymike says:
oooooo... t- that was a definite heart shot. LOL!
blackhawk says:
What does a tiger have to do with a putter?
blackhawk says:
Andrew, how are the new irons and wedges?
cjgiant says:
@tennesseeboy - That is the funniest thing I've read in a while
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