GHandle Is Cool, But Expensive
By Kickntrue on 2/10/10
While at the PGA Show I was given a GHandle. I wasn't sure if I'd use it- but I'm strongly learning towards yes. GHandle calls itself "The Ultimate All-In-One Gear Holder," and:
“Its a bag tag on steroids!” …as well as a lanyard, key chain, fob, carabiner holder, item carrier, organizer, logo display, club, course or facility promo, Sales ‘Leave back’, company exhibit, school broadcast, team fan endorsement, branding opportunity, proclamation platform...
I'm glad they came up with something, because I'd be lost for words trying to describe it. When you see it, and hold it, it makes sense, but to put its actual composition into words is tough. There are some hooks, some very strong velcro, and some more places to hook more things (see- I'm making no sense, already). It's extremely heavy duty and has many potential golf uses including hanging your glove on it between shots or while putting as well as hooking your golf shoe bag on it after a round for easier transportation.

I'd recommend visiting their website and watching the pics and videos to see the GHandle in action and going from there.

My only real beef is the price (kind of a big beef). It's $25 retail. I think it's a cool gadget and it'd be neat to put on your bag but I can't see ever paying that much for it.

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Bryan K says:
Is there a place to put your club covers while shooting?
Shankapotamus says:
I made my own glove holder by cutting the velcro off an old glove, poking a hole in it, and attaching it to a clip. Easy, free, and equally effective.
Bryan K says:
My bag actually has velcro for my gloves, but I prefer to put them in my back pocket when I'm not using them.
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