Can I Get One Of These With A Bag Mount?
By Kickntrue on 2/11/10
Leave it to Japan to come up with an awesome new way to get around... now we just have to convince them to build one for golf.
This is the Honda U3-X, another individual motorized ass basket for people that can’t be bothered with walking from place to place. It made the auto show press circuit in September, so everyone has already made the “unicycle that had sex with a Segway” joke. As if anything would ever have sex with a unicycle. Maybe an accordian... Anyway, the unit offers one hour of hassle-free riding and easy carrying when…I guess when you run into stairs or something. They haven’t hit the market yet, so you’re stuck walking around like an idiot for the next several months.
Hmmm... seems like that author has a bit of a different view than me. Also sounds like battery life could be an issue for golf...

Seriously though- I think we need to start moving to individual golf transportation devices. I know they make a segway golf cart and for multiple reasons it hasn't caught on (cost, training), but for speed of play alone this makes a ton of sense. Realistically you can walk as fast as most people ride because you have to share rides and stay on cart paths. Individual carts, segways, or "ass baskets" would be awesome!

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Kurt the Knife says:
jerdman says:
I'm perplexed by how it can go any direction. Its like magic. I could ride around like that, but I'll still prefer to walk when playing golf.
Speedly says:
You want a cookie or something, Kurt?

Anyhow - I think the technology in it is quite interesting - kind of an all-directional Segway system. I'm sure it could have its uses; something like a stabilization system for cars or aircraft, maybe? But as a so-called "ass basket," I think it's a waste of good technology.

I know that obesity is an epidemic in the US, all I have to do is look down! D=
Swingem says:
Now if we could get these outfitted with a bag mount, and a portable Iron-Byron to eliminate those time killing shots that miss fairways and greens, we could really speed up play. What a Joke! I'm looking forward to my trip to Bandon in two weeks where its walking-only, and pace of play is never an issue. Granted, course overcrowding plays a part in the problem of slow play, but in my experience the biggest culprit is a lack of awareness and consideration for others, not a lack of technology.
mmontisano says:
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