Has Anyone Played New Online Tiger Woods Game?
By Kickntrue on 2/26/10
There are ads for EA Sports Tiger Woods online video game all over the web (including this site), but I can't get the stupid thing to even load. I know it's in "Beta" but this is ridiculous.

My Questions:
Has anyone got this to work yet?
How does it compare to WGT.com?
How does it compare to the console version of the game?


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activesense says:
Just took a look and it has potential. It looks more polished than WGT.com and as a result seems to run a little slower and jerkier. The swing interface is the typical 2 click stop between the hook/slice bars type,which did not respond quickly enough to my mouse clicks. As a beta version I think it performs quite well and look forward to the glich free release. I didnt waste time tweaking my character or clubs but that option is available.
As a comparison to console formats, I have played TW 2010 on PS2 and Wii. I love the Wiimote interface and it would take a lot to stop me playing the Wii version for an extended period and this game doesn't do that. It will fill the void if the kids are on the Wii and I need a fix. Definately worth a look if you play WGT, way better than TW10 on PS2.
I will certainly revisit this game when I have more time to explore it in more depth.
dave0498 says:
I clicked your link above, did all the signup, and it's working fine... played 1 hole... seems fun.
Bryan K says:
After playing Tiger 10 on the wii, I don't think I can play any other golf game. I love your review, though, activesense. Thank you.
Backquak says:
I've been playing this for a couple weeks, its fun and addicting, people complain that its too easy, but there are a variety of levels that make it challenging, and they are updating it daily so it seems to be getting better all the time.
nickp says:
Played it in a previous beta. It was fun and the upgrade system is cool/the awards for skill levels reached is good incentive/was nice to chat with people while you're playing. I received a Wii and Tiger Woods for christmas so I haven't touched it since. I wish TW10 for the Wii let you talk or chat with the people you're playing with and play two-person "in real time" (one person goes at a time rather than both playing the hole at the same time).
chaka says:
that was fun for a rainy Saturday.
bamfra says:
Been playing it the past couple days, since this story popped up here. Crashed my browser the first couple times I tried, but after that, had no problems over five or so rounds played. Fun little game, nice time waster.
kingwood hacker says:
way better than wgt in my opinion.
bjoern says:
It is a nice game, it's fun!
But it seems quite easy (40er rounds from many guys...)
mjaber says:
Pity it's back to the click-click for the swing. I loved the back and forth of the mouse for the swing speed/tempo/direction on TW09.
Kickntrue says:
I got this to work at home... stupid office.

I thought it was pretty hard. impressively so- though i don't know how much was my connection choppiness versus my mechanics.
Mookie says:
So is it a golf game, or does it involve cocktail waitresses?
activesense says:
mjaber...press 't' to toggle swing type, i found the back and forwards mouse option that way
mjaber says:
@activesense... Thanks. I'll give it a shot and see how I like it.
Nethmonkey says:
i was bored and it's fun for a round at lunchtime. I made an oobgolf group for anyone that wants a group, though i don't know what they are for yet.
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