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By Kickntrue on 3/3/10
How do you make golf better (faster) and piss the USGA off at the same time? Make the hole bigger. Rob O'Loughlin, former CEO of SoftSpikes and current President and CEO of Laser Link, had to fight the USGA forever to get his devices approved for everyday play. I think he may still have a bit of a thorn in his side from the whole process. His newest device- to speed up play... a device called The Big Cup- which makes the hole bigger (almost assuring 2 putts).
"It will be worth three shots a nine," O'Loughlin said. "It takes me from 82 to 76 all the time. And let me tell you, that's fun. I've shot a million 82s in my life. It's fun to be in the 70s.

"You won't make many 25- or 30-footers, but you never did. But you virtually eliminate the three-putt. What happens is you're not missing the 3- and 4-footers because this makes them play like 1-footers."


"The USGA, their heads will explode," he said with a laugh. "They've got to understand it's a game, not a gauntlet. Their focus is on the top 300 players in the world. I think they are obsessed with those 300 players and they don't give a damn about the other 20 million.
I actually think this is a good idea. Used properly, I really think there is a place in golf for something like this. I don't want it for everyday use, but how about scrambles, company outings and winter golf? Anyone who has ever played a 6 hour scramble knows what I'm talking about.

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dc8ce says:
I hadn't thought about it for scrambles, but that would be a great idea. I played in a scramble recently where inside the leather was a gimme. That saved a bunch of time by not having to mark the ball each time someone got a little closer, then going through the motion of somebody putting it in.
...the Murseless says:
In the UK, winter golf is often played on a temporary green with a larger hole already...
joepro23 says:
This thing alters the game so much, it really only has a limited market for people looking to just have fun out there and break 120 or 110 or somethin. People need to learn how to putt on a real cup at some point, and this is like riding a bike with training wheels on. I don't agree with him saying, "You won't make many 25- or 30-footers, but you never did." This would definitely bring most people's chances of draining a mid-to-long range putt way up.
JDoughMO says:
The perfect answer for the 6 hour drunken scramble. I've seen many corporate tournaments with 2 pins. One with a larger hole (almost exactly as shown above) and one with a standard hole. If you chose to hole-out in the larger hole you had to add 1/2 stroke to your score.
tennesseeboy says:
No, no, no, no, no! Golf courses are for people who want to play golf. You don't need this for scrambles. I play in a scramble every year that has a no 3 putt rule. You make one putt, and if you miss the second is a gimme. You don't need this thing to prevent 3 putts. If you've never broken 90 and want to break 80, go play a round of putt-putt.
beisenhauer says:
1) Long scramble rounds are not caused by too many people 3-putting. They're caused by people who aren't ready to play when they should be. If 3-putting really is a problem, a rule such as tennesseeboy describes would suffice.

2) These things would disproportionately benefit better golfers, because the bad putters aren't missing the hole that close anyway.
falcon50driver says:
You're a little early with this post. It's not quite April 1st yet....Why stop at a 1 foot wide hole? Make it the size of a #3 wash tub. Shorten the course to 700 yards instead of 7000. Allow carts to drive up on the greens too, think of all the time saved.
brad6432 says:
What are we teaching kids by our actions? Let's not keep score, that will make the game easier, and faster! I tell my kids "anything worth while takes a lot of effort and hard work". How many grown ups, still haven't learned that?
If you want to be good at something, you have to practice hard. This goes for work, hobbies, sports, relationships, etc... you know, the old fashion way, not the fast food generation, I need instant gratification crowd. Big Cup??? The inventor is a BIG HOLE!
bducharm says:
I agree - if golf was easy, then everyone would do it!!! NO BIG HOLES!!!
Trevor Spring says:
The hole is big enough already.

I say shrink it.
Shankapotamus says:
Legend has it that the size of the golf hole was established when a 4 1/4 inch pipe was used to reinforce a crumbling hole a St. Andrews. Imagine the impact on the history of golf if they had only used a 4 inch pipe instead. For example, Tiger's chip in at 16 in the '05 Masters would have cup up 1/4 of an inch short and DiMarco would have a green jacket.
Mookie says:
There IS a place for this thing, but it's not on a golf course.
stogie says:
A basketball hoop can have 2 balls side by side dropped through the rim, seems fair that a hole (cup) is the same for golf. What about other sports? realizing there is a goalie protecting the net in hockey, the opening seems quite large, much like soccer (futbol), and oh yeah, footbal,I think the uprights in football should be moved closer together too, remove the goalies from hockey and futbol and put a slot twice the size of the puck/ball. Then we will see who is worth those million dollar contracts...
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