Double Duty Divot Repair Putter
By Kickntrue on 3/4/10
The Double Duty Divot Repair Putter is as ridiculous as it's name sounds. "It's an idea that reeks of laziness..." says the guy who literally just RAN when he heard there were free Krispy Kreme donuts just down the street. Yah... it was bad.

To be fair, what I'm calling lazy, actually does have a legitimate purpose for those who have back pain or may have trouble bending down to the ground. The putter is a mallet, with a divor repair tool hanging off the back end of it, to fix marks without bending down. That process actually sounds pretty hard to me- divot repair with a lever, but I guess you could get good at it.

I find it hard to believe the craftsmanship went into the actual putter when the "gimmick" is the divot repair tool, but I am on record saying that I think putters are a lot of hype and that someone could get good at putting with a 2 x 4 if that's what they practiced every day with, so...

Anyway- I'm here to educate, not just hate. So consider yourself educated and let me know what you think!

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aaronm04 says:
What amazes me is the "use this to stop bending over" notion of the device. You still have to pick up your ball. And you will ALWAYS have a ball. You won't always have a ball mark. And talk about a good way to improperly repair a ballmark. You'd be better off using the rake in the bunker.
Kickntrue says:
@aaronm04- good point. plus- just in general.. i'm for everyone enjoying golf- and my fat ass is probably going to have back trouble later in life so I'm probably going to eat my words .. but if you're bad is so bad you can't bend over, should you really be playing golf?
Panerai111 says:
Seems like a good killing device too. lol
windowsurfer says:
I practice at a place where the practice green is just meant to take short chips; no longer distance shots and deep pitch marks (they don't have the staff and they want the green to stay in decent condition to serve as a putting green too.) But, I want to practice 100 yd shots and have the OK to do so when there is no one around. The deal is that I fix all my ball marks. I create 45 @ a time - that's the number of balls in my shag bag. For this tiny fraction of the golf world (me) this gizmo is *awesome* - just try fixing 45 ball marks in a row! For everyone else, I don't think it makes any sense. But . . . lots of putters work OK to tap a small pitch mark shut by using the back end as a tool. Gary Player did this on a GC Playing Tips show and I do it with my Bobby Grace Sarasota about 25X a round!
mjaber says:
I don't see it working real well. However, if they made it a removable tool, so that you didn't have to search for one in your pocket, I might be able to get on board with that.
Kurt the Knife says:
this device would not be effective in PROPERLY repairing pitch marks.
My first instructor even taught me the wronmg way to repair greens, i.e. the "levering up the ground from below". Which I learned and observed kills the grass by tearing the roots. Here is a link to the correct way to repair ball marks:
from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.

Shankapotamus says:
@Kurt- Agreed. This thing encourages people to pry upward to repair divot marks which is incorrect and harmful to greens.
Bryan K says:
This thing looks dangerous. I also think the ball marks that they are repairing on the video are kind of funny. I'd like to see it try to repair a real crater-type ball mark.
Matt F says:
You're better off using this:

waltwee says:
Double Duty divot repair putter. I have read the negative comments and I feel that if you have not tried the club, your comments are out of line. The USGA decision 2009-447 to WH Golf, LLC states, "Please be advised that the putter as submitted has been evaluated and it has been determined that it conforms to the Rules of Golf." The USGA will not certify any club with a moving part. In all our information,, it states pick at the ball mark, DO NOT DIG. As far as being a dangerous weapon, if you carry the maximum number of clubs in your bag, you have 13 more that are just as dangerous. All golfers are not perfect athletes but that does not stop them from loving the game. I wish I were as healthy as I was 10 years ago. Strange that all the greenskeepers I have shown the putter to love it. Don't knock something until you try it....
benseattle says:
Let's see... what am I going to consider first, a divot repair tool or a putter? How many golfers today are in the market for a center-shafted, non-offset, non-heel-toe weighted putter? But let's say Back Back Harry just LOVES this putter. With his achy back how is this putter going to help him bend over to tee up his ball or stoop to pick up fairway divots after hitting all those greens in regulation. This was created by a guy with too much time on hands. Golf has long been a haven for inventors with wacky ideas so this isn't the first. Oh, and greenskeepers are generally very polite individuals. Don't let a kind word go to your head.
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