Knetgolf- Recylced Premium Golf Balls At Half The Price
By Kickntrue on 3/9/10
Would you be willing to play refurbished Titleist ProV1 golf balls if they performed nearly identical to the same brand new ball, for half the price? Knetgolf is finding that a lot of people answer this question with a resounding, "yes."

When I first heard about Knetgolf, I was a bit skeptical. The company has contracts to scavenge for balls and them put them through a state of the art (and proprietary) refurbishing process. The company grades the balls as Mint, A, B, or C, condition and then resells them back to consumers for a fraction of the price. They have the process down to a science and can refurbish up to 400k balls per week.

Of course- that's all fine and dandy, but what I really wanted to know is how the ball performs compared to the same ball, but straight out of the box from the manufacturer. Based on independent testing the results are staggering, at least to your ego once you realize you've been paying full price for the past 5 years.

When it comes to spin rate, the numbers are equally close (six-iron cannon test).

New ProV1: 4558.63
Knetgolf Refinished ProV1: 4510.25

Color me blown away.

Here is a quick example of's pricing- from a screen shot taking today (3/9/2010):

Besides the pricing and similar performance, the other strong point of the experience using Knetgolf is their website and the education it can be. Sure you can learn about their refurbishing process, but I'm talking about the simple things that should be on every golf ball sales website (but isn't) like compression numbers, dimple numbers, or the even simpler process of telling you who should be playing the ball (high handicap, mid handicap, etc).

I don't want this to sound like a complete puff piece for Knetgolf (believe it or not they're not paying me to write this), but I'm not seeing too much downside. They take balls that people have already purchased and lost, categorize them, and then give them back to golfers at a lower rate. If anyone has had any experience good or bad, with buying recycled golf balls, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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Clint24 says:
The golf center my family owns has recently bought a few boxes of these and I'm really excited to see how they sell.
cpjolicoeur says:
I've bought all my golf balls from Knetgolf for the past year or so and have no complaints at all. I'll continue to buy from them because it makes no sense to spend "new box" money for their Mint balls that perform and look just the same
GolfSmith7 says:
I buy my preowned pro-v's at my local golf shop for a dollar each and they all work wonderful some are discolored but that doesn't stop them from working well to the point that I will never again pay for brand new golf balls.
Torleif Sorenson says:
With my budget and with the QA they seem to have, I also see no downside; I'll have to try them out this year.
mjaber says:
No downside? How can you say there's no downside? You're losing a whole 7 inches on your drive!!!!!!

I buy whatever is cheapest whenever I need a new box. I wish I needed some, because Wal-mart was selling a dozen Wilson (not sure of the model) for $5/dozen.
cmuidiot says:
You could go all out and get a box of Nitros for $5/dozen at the Big W.
Shankapotamus says:
You can buy brand new Pro V1 and Pro V1x Practice and X-out balls for less than $30 a dozen. Both types have minimal defects that are typically only cosmetic blemishes (see the link below from Titleist's site).

I would prefer to get a ball straight from Titleist with an error on the logo or a small blemish
Shankapotamus says:
Not sure if anyone has had an performance issues with a Pro V1 Practice or X-out but I witnessed my friend playing with some for the first time over the weekend and the performance appeared legit. He is a 12-15 handicap and the "drop-and-stop" control Titleist promotes was there on all his approaches and chip shots.
Panerai111 says:
Ive been buying from I'll check these guys out.
whomsley says:
I buy all of my Titleist balls recycled and most recently from Knetgolf. They have great deals and I have not noticed a difference in performance. If you can get the almost the same distance (if you can give up that 7" in driving distance) why not give the recycled balls a try. Green is in my friends and greens in regulation is even better.
tennesseeboy says:
I buy mint condition used balls off eBay. I play Callaway HT-Hot and the last box of 120 I bought cost me 60 cents per ball including shipping.

I'm a little concerned about the refurbishing process that Knetgolf uses. I'm guessing there's not much to it but if someone did figure out a way to make an old ball look new, would you really want to buy that ball?
Josh says:
I'd like to see that distance and spin chart done for their entire line. What does the distance drop off look like for the various grades, etc.?
Kurt the Knife says:
I get my stuff from LostGolfBalls.
Their rating system is comprehensive and highly accurate. They list technical specs too for comparisons.
For a real bargain I went to GolfBall Planet.
I recently got 60 Nike Karmas for 40 bux only three had slight scuffs.
Bryan K says:
I've purchased from knet and lostgolfballs before. Knet has become the go to company for me. I look for sales and then snatch up what I need. That said, I think I should get a discount based on all of the balls I have provided to them.
cvargo says:
i purchase my balls on knetgolf never have had complaint! Great company
IronHands says:
I've placed orders at for the last 4 years and I've always been happy with the result. Their customer service was excellent the one time there was a mixup on an order. They sent me 5 bags of distance balls when what I ordered was the same brand but in the spin variety. They corrected their mistake and sent the proper replacements right away. They also threw in an extra bag of balls for my trouble to return the ones sent in error. I couldn't be more pleased. I buy mint condition balls and haven't tried the refinished ones yet.
David Rutland says:
The real question is...How do the Grade A and Grade B balls perform? I have ordered the Pro V1 in Mint, A, and B to test this out. Let me know if anyone else has tried the lower grade balls.
jasanr says:
I've seen Knet and lostgolfballs when searching for golfballs but only purchased from golfballplanet since their price was really good and so I thought I would give them a try. I would say it was well worth it and I'm happy with the purchase and would buy from them again.
jasanr says:
I've seen Knet and lostgolfballs when searching for golfballs but only purchased from golfballplanet since their price was really good and so I thought I would give them a try. I would say it was well worth it and I'm happy with the purchase and would buy from them again.
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