First Person Tiger Woods Coming
By Kickntrue on 3/11/10
EA Sports is showing off their new game to be launched later this year and one of thew newest features is "True View," a first person golf view.
In True View you see the world through a golfer's eyes. In my case last night that meant I was seeing a gold course through the eyes of Tiger Woods. The reason for the view is that the MotionPlus — which isn't required for this year's edition but is clearly beneficial — does more than just detect wrist rotation, tilt and club speed this time around. It also can now detect a point of contact, allowing gamers to whiff on their swing or chunk a divot out of the ground. You experience this degree of control from a first-person perspective.
Check out the link for the rest of the initial review and some screen shots. It looks like it could be a reason to buy the game this year, a game that in my opinion has become a bit stale in recent years (unless you count disc golf as a feature).

Another big change this year is that while the game will still be called "Tiger Woods," the cover will feature a second golfer this year, Rory McIlroy.

True View from EA Sports
Cover w/ McIlroy

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activesense says:
This looks interesting. The writer spoke of the quandry of where to look during the swing - at the prop ball on the floor or the TV screen. I already have the issue of glancing up at the screen during the 'finesse' shots on TW 10, just to see the club position on the screen. I have a fear of overhitting the chip shots. Also during the putting my eyes are focused on the power bar rather than between my toes where I should be looking when I putt.
This first person view is going to require a second flat panel screen on the floor where the ball should be to stop eyes straying up to the main screen... (hey Nintendo - the Wii-monitor??!!??)
I will probably get this game and make my mind up when I experience the 1st person view. It may not be as awkward as I suspect.
jeremyheslop says:
Looks pretty awesome. Only thing is the Wii controller even with the motion to make it longer does not feel like a real club and I've read some reports of people actually screwing up their swing. I try my hardest not to do a regular swing using only one hand. Yes there are some homemade ways of making a decent wii club ( and some you can buy. That being said if they approve upon '10 then I'll be first in line.
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