Let's Talk About Boom Boom's Shoes.
By Kickntrue on 4/9/10
So Fred Boom Boom Couples is leading the Masters. I guess I look like an idiot. Of course- the "talk" of the day wasn't so much about his golf- as it was his shoes. Somehow people think his decision not to wear traditional golf shoes (or any socks /gross) made him so relaxed he just breezed to his -6 and first round lead. That's ridiculous.

First- the shoes- then we'll cover the potential fallout. Freddie is wearing the Ecco Golf street premiere shoes. They are essentially sneakers (actually, that's exactly what they are). They have some bumps on the bottom, but nothing you'd call a cleat or golf spike. Didn't seem to bother him much. See the video at the end of the post for more info on the shoe.

I think the more interesting takeaway here is what him playing well or winning would mean to the golf shoe industry. I'm not naive enough to think sales will come to a standstill, or even slow, but it would pretty much prove that paying $300 for a pair of specialty golf shoes probably isn't doing much for your game. Your fashion maybe- but not your game. I think a completely rational person could probably admit that without a great performance from Couples but it does sort of help drive home the point. Of course- because these are ECCO, trendy, and soon to be cool- you'll still pay $135 for a pair of the shoes Boom Boom is wearing in The Masters, but once you've gone to sneakers- I'm going to guess my $35 discount Adidas cross-trainers will do the same.

... I just realized I wrote the longest post on the site this month... about shoes. I'm done. I gotta go do something manly.


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JDoughMO says:
I bought the white/green version in February when they first came out. Most comfortable shoes I've ever worn on or off the course. They provide plenty of traction. Do they do the same thing as a cross-trainer....yes. Had I not had a gift card from GolfSmith burning a hole in my pocket I probably wouldn't have pulled the trigger. Glad I did though.
bducharm says:
I play quite often in sneakers. I have a very passive lower body so not having cleats is not an issue for me. I want to be comfortable first. These look nice but not sure about $135 for sneakers...
mjaber says:
I played in a pair of "coaches" shoes I bought for playing on a co-ed softball (beer-ball) team a while back ($30), when I first started. The only reason I have golf shoes now is that I found a pair at a Nike factory outlet for about $40, and the other shoes I had been using became my shoes for mowing/yard work.

There's nothing wrong with not wearing socks. In the right shoes, it can feel like you're going bearfoot.
Kickntrue says:
@majaber- it's not so much the "not wearing socks" as it is the "taking the shoes off after walking 5 miles in them."
mjaber says:
@Kickntrue... That's not that bad. When I was running, I used to go "sockless." Sure, the shoes smelled, but they were so comfortable without socks. I think the insole conforms to your foot better without socks, or at least that's how it seemed. I had alot better feel for the ground, too. An ex-girlfriend once made me change out of my running shoes and leave them home before we went out because she couldn't stand the smell.
Mandelbaum! says:
@mjaber: Ever think to try baby powder?
mjaber says:
@The Natural... Never occured to me. Not a bad idea, though.
jezskates says:
It's been fun reading all the banter about Fred's on-course shoes, but I'm compelled to correct a couple misconceptions.

Yes, the upper of this shoe is fairly nondescript and athletic retro in its styling, but it in no way compares with a typical athletic shoe at a discount store. Inside the shoe are what makes a good golf shoe work properly. Unlike your average Nikes/New Balances this uses the same internal shank, which Ecco uses for many of its $200 specialty shoes. It also uses the same molded heel counter. Without either of those two material inclusions the shoe would twist out of functional shape, leading to possible stray shots. At worst it could lead to foot injuries for those who walk their courses.

Speaking of, my old pair of Reebok Newport Classics would be awesome ... just so long as I installed my own shank into its soles.
goodtempo says:
Boom Boom might have been wearing the low cut "invisible" socks. My son wears them and it looks like he's not wearing socks.
rynolinks says:
doesn't ryan moore wear something similar (and has won with them?)?
couples wearing these and playing that well is pretty cool, but what else did we expect from him?
when someone wears sandals at the mayakoba, then we should be discussing footwear issues: tennis shoes are nothing new.
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