Would You Play Colored Balls?
By Kickntrue on 4/28/10
I'm sure a couple of you have noticed Vijay Singh and a few other Srixon staff players playing yellow balls in PGA Tour events. The new Srixon Z-Star X Tour Yellow is the same Tour level ball Srixon has in white- but this one generates attention (like posts on golf blogs).

I've always thought it makes a lot of sense to play a colored ball, specifically yellow because of how much it stands out on the course (especially when wayward). A few other companies have tried in the past to make colored balls the "cool" thing to play. I remember specifically the "Noodle Ice" balls, but I don't think any major golf company has ever tried to do it with a top tour level ball.

The only reason it's ever failed is tradition. Golf balls have always been white. Beginners play florescent yellow balls and real golfers move to white. I guess what I'm really asking is would you consider a switch? Assuming you could go get your favorite ball in yellow or another color- would you do it? Why or why not?

Srixon Z Star X Tour Info (and photo source)

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DiC says:
From the source link - "According to Srixon, the yellow ball is easier to see in flight than white, while green has a calming influence."

Not sure about the "calming influence" bit but I know I tend to loose my white ball in flight far too often so guess I'd give it a go if Nike started doing their pd soft balls in yellow.
Kurt the Knife says:
I frequently lose balls in low sun in AMs and eves and would play orange, green, yellow, pink, neon, whatever if my fave ball had that option.
JDoughMO says:
I played these and love them. I like the Z-Star performance so I had to give these a go. The calming influence is garbage but it offers some serious visibility. I'm not a guy that keeps it in the short stuff all the time so high visibility is definitely an advantage. I'd like to see Srixon start making the AD-333 in yellow.
GlennC66 says:
I've been playing yellow Precept Lady IQ180's for several years now, and I love them. I'm a 9.8 index, but I have a slower swing, so the extra soft compression works well for me. I haven't been able to see a drive beyond the apex of it's flight in a long time, til I started playing yellow balls. And I love winning a match with a 'crappy ball', as the sore losers like to call it. :)
c5agalb says:
Its been said the yellow is much easier to see, that's why tennis balls went from white to yellow. No body claiming tradition when it comes to tennis ball. If it helps find the ball in the rough in twilight, I'm all for it.
turk944 says:
I agree, when I was a fastpitch softball umpire in high school we used these neon yellow/green balls because of the increased visibility. A white ball coming at you from 44 feet at 50-60 mph on a white gravel infield is tough (68 mph at 38 ft equates to a 95 mph fastball in the majors). In fact, you could actually get sun glasses that would accentuate the yellow/green color even more while cutting the glare off the white gravel. I wonder what these yellow Srixon balls would look like with those shades
Tee it High. says:
I would definitely play a yellow ball if the Pro V1 had that option. I might actually buy a sleeve of these just to give them a shot.
PHALE says:
My regular ball is "whatever I find", when I must purchase I have been using Top Flite XL distance yellow, 15 for $9.98 which are easier to find even under water. Performance wise I can't tell the difference with any of them.
pheasantdog says:
How about hunter orange balls?
windowsurfer says:
Dandelions (shows my payscale, I suppose, seeing as there are plenty of these on my home course) are not yellow-ball friendly.
greendevil says:
If it improved my game, I'd played a colored ball in a heartbeat.
homermania says:
I'm looking forward to trying these. I have actually asked Titleist if they make a soft cover yellow ball. I think Srixon is the first to tap into the low-handicap/poor vision player market. Go Srixon!
dtak84 says:
I actually just bought a dozen of these and will be gaming them possibly this weekend! LOOKING forward to it!
bplewis24 says:
I would definitely do it. I know several times playing golf in the late afternoon I've lost balls in flight that I know for a near certainty landed in the fairway but may have trickled into the first cut of rough. Having lost it in flight, I have no idea how far it carried/rolled, and lost some perfectly good drives and expensive balls because of it. Would a yellow ball be easier to track directly into the sun? I'm not so sure, but if it was, and Callaway made a Tour(i) version of it, I'd buy it.

Torleif Sorenson says:
I'm on board; I sometimes have trouble following my shots while they're in-flight. The Srixons are now on my shopping list - pragmatism demands it.
mmontisano says:
i don't like putting marks on my balls to differentiate them from other people's, so playing a yellow ball will help in that aspect.

that, and no one can laugh at you when you beat them with a yellow ball.
taylortony says:
I just cant seem to get the hang of it, looking down and seeing anything but white isnt natural, i've tried
mgranata says:
stop changing the technology just keep it simply white!!!
hp says:
I love the fact that I can play a top shelf ball in yellow. It brings me back to my childhood golf days in the late 70's/early 80's when I played with yellow and orange Maxflis. I love the yellow color. It is very easy to spot the ball and since I'm the only one in my foursome that plays them, I always know which ball is mine. It's really nice to know immediately if I'm the one in the bunker, just off the fringe, or the one next to the cup. As far as the calming influence, the only thing I can say is that I DON'T see scuff marks as easily on the yellow balls. Scuff marks bother me when I see them, and if I can't see them, I don't get bothered. I tried both the Z-Star and the Z-Star X. I'm a fan of the regular Z-star because they spin much more on the greens. This is will be my regular ball for a while.
birdieXris says:
Absolutely would do it. I used to play orange balls all the time back in the late 80s and early 90s. I liked them a lot because they stood out.
smeghead49 says:
I'm looking forward to giving these a try. Back in the 80's I used to play orange Titleist DT 384's. For too long all the colored balls have just been hard, low spin, and 2 pieces. Now we've got great performance and a bright color in one package with these Srixon Z-Stars. I'd like to see this catch on with some of the other tour ball manufacturers.
bducharm says:
Would only do it if I was paid to play them.
Matt F says:
If Bridgestone made them, I'd play them.

jkalal1961 says:
Since I am hardly in the fairway.....I already have played them because they are easy to find!
fhsbaseball21 says:
These are amaaaazing, just wish they were cheaper. In tourny's i'd probably play these on longer par 4's and par 5's, but still play prov1's or prov's on the par 3's or short par 4's requiring spin on a wedge shot. The yellow coloring barely matters unless you're playing for fun on a course that is hard to find your ball on.
cheymike says:
With all the comments, it seems the mighty ProV1 might finally have some serious competition in the market place.
TeT says:
Im game, good luck getting Wilson Staff to throw paint on the TX4 though...
sigmapete1 says:
These balls are great. Just as much spin/distance as any premium ball but when you hit a good drive and can see your ball the entire way at 7pm when the sun is setting, that's pretty cool. In the daylight they look like they have a spotlight on them. I usually lose about a ball per round and have played 3 rounds with these so far and have not lost one yet. Oh and for me, they have the best feel off the putter of any ball out there.
PingRob says:
I too am a hardcore user of Srixon Z Star balls and will try these... once I get through the 6 dozen white ones I have.
c5agalb says:
How about half yellow/half white like the vinatage PING balls from the '70's. Those 2 color PING balls are quite the collector items today.
Bernie Duffer says:
I play the Srixon Z Star and rejected the idea of using the yellow version. I didn't feel like having to explain why I play them to everyone at my club. I didn't feel like having every ball I lose returned to me by the person who finds it. Everyone would know it was my ball they found.
falcon50driver says:
No Way
Kickntrue says:
@Bernie Duffer- That sounds like a plus to me. I take a little embarrassment- and get all my lost golf balls back!
pjggolfer says:
I have played the Z Yellows. They are easier to follow. At first I got some ribbing, but then by the rounds end I was handing out 3 yellow balls. Those who have issue with the yellow balls need to rethink the 5" between there ears. No caution here, I let the Big Dog eat Yellow Srixons.
Panerai111 says:
I would play these if I got some for free. I'm not good enough to pay $40+ for a dozen of balls.
NWABP says:
Yellow balls are soooo easy to see - Have any of you tried the "Vision" ball? I love them - and their price is pretty good too. These Vision balls are a little different again as they have a glow factor in their outer layer which really makes them stand out - from a distance as well as making them clear and easy to see on the grass. Have a look in the "equipment" section of the site and see the full range too. But the hi-viz yellow balls are something else. Be brave, have Vision!
kyfrydan says:
I use colored balls when playing two balls by myself. When there's no one behind me of course!
white_rabbitt says:
i like the idea of them standing out more but for some reason i just don't feel comfortable hitting anything but a white ball. And we all know that golf is a very mental game. If you can play them w/ no adverse effects, i say go for it. I think it's cool that tour players are using them!
ipv6freely says:
Absolutely. As they said, tennis balls used to be white, too.
golfray says:
Aspirin is white, It works.
RIDuffer says:
I've been gaming them for a couple of weeks now... Like them a lot. Is definitely easier to track in flight and spot from a distance in the rough or the short stuff...
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