GolfWeek For Her
By Kickntrue on 6/7/10
I'm an avid GolfWeek subscriber. I've said before I think it is the best golf mag you can get, but I'll admit I was confused when I saw GolfWeek for Her show up in my mailbox. The issue features Anna Rawson on the cover (and has a nice article on her) as well as Annika, Paula, Suzanne, Michelle and others. The entire rest of the article was geared towards women as well- featuring assessment, equipment and clothing. While women could probably get along with their clothes and add-on's, it was the equipment section that really stood out to me. Talk about a forgotten demographic! I had no clue some of these clubs existed and it's kind of my job to stay on top of these things...

Sadly, the demographics of golf make it nearly impossible to sustain a women's only golf magazine. Multiple big corporations have tried, and subsequently failed, but it was nice to see GolfWeek take a shot. I was genuinely impressed- and passed it on to my wife for her perusal. If it costs me $100 for a golf dress to try to get her into the game, so be it!

You can buy it on their site for $5.45.

Buy It Here

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Banker85 says:
so this is just a one time thing for golf mag? I dont see them getting many subscriptions for this one.
birdieXris says:
What a horrible horrible photo of Anna Rawson. What is the art director thinking?
Ben Crane says:
The vast majority of magazine income is from advertising and not subscriptions. If they would give away a bunch of subscriptions then perhaps they could get increased revenue from the ads.
aaronm04 says:
My wife, following me into GolfSmith, upon arrival in the ladies section: "Wow, I never realized how many cute clothes they had for golf. Maybe I'll take it up after all." Me: .

Fortunately, it was just talk. Needless to say, this will never be in our mailbox. Unless perhaps that February swimsuit issue comes to the newsstands....
aaronm04 says:
bah ... that's supposed to say Me: (looking down, shaking head in disbelief)
scottccherry says:
meh, i think the single period worked well for ya there.
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