Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 On Sale
By Kickntrue on 6/8/10
EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is on sale now on all major gaming systems. In previous years- I've run out and bought this game and done a review for oob. This year... not so much.

Not because I don't care about you guys- but because I've become generally jaded from this game. It's basically the same thing year after year. Ironically- it seems they've finally added some game modes that look pretty interesting- and a couple new golfers to make the game more fun. There is a Ryder Cup mode and this year you can play with Rory McIlory and Rickie Fowler.

It's $60 on any device worth playing it on. If anyone wants to check in with their thoughts- please do so. I'd love to be wrong about this one- because I'm due for a new game to play, but as of now I'll probably check it out in a couple months when I can get it used for $30.

EA Sports - Tiger Woods Homepage

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ElGalloGigante says:
I'm trying to get this out of someone for my upcoming birthday (6/10, so how about those Mizuno Irons, oob?), but will be picking it up in the upcoming weeks if I can't get any takers. The Wii option (w/ Motion+) actually uses your swing, which is why I will finally buy this game. Basically, you can hook, slice, and shank it just like you normally do in this edition.

Not as fun as a $75K bay, but it'll do.
Werepuppie says:
Do you need a steering wheel and gas pedal simulator to play this year?
ElGalloGigante says:
@ Werepuppie - Nah, just the yoga mat and light-saber.
KVSmith59 says:
spend an extra $40 and try this out on the Wii :)

ElGalloGigante says:
@ KVSmith59 - Baby steps, my friend, baby steps. I've just started really playing, I have a tendency to go off the deep end with whatever is interesting to me NOW, and the girlfriend would kill me in my sleep if I started this up in the house.

Good looking out, though. Now that I know this is out there, I'll eventually work my way to it, but at least with TW11 I can "fool" her into playing along side me in a game that features outfits and stuff.
bplewis24 says:
I've already tried the demo of this, and unlike past years I am actually interested in purchasing it. I haven't bought the game for about 3 years or so, as I have a general issue with the EA sports game update/cycle and the lack of improvement in their games. But I may get this one.

birdieXris says:
AS cool as that David Leadbetter thing is, it will probably do more harm than good to people. The Wii balance board is not big enough for a proper golf stance, not to mention if you have proper weight transfer on it, it will fling you into the television.

As for TW 11 -- -i dunno. The tiger woods games are ok, but like the article says, i'll wait till i can get it used for $30 next month.
Jattruia says:
I saw that David Ledbetter thing and seriously, i kind of want it. I can't find a real review on it though, since it's not actually a 'game.'
activesense says:
Check out amazon.com for what seems to be an honest consumer review www.amazon.com/Wii-personal-trainer-david-leadbe
activesense says:
As for TW 11, i bought TW10 wii a while back, during the off season and used it daily for 2 months and then the novelty wore off and I haven't touched it since March. If I am going to invest my hard earned dollars in the same old game with a different cover then it certainly wont be for full price.
nickp says:
I saw very few things about this release prior to and including today which was a real difference from TW10 for the Wii which was much-lauded. The exact-swing looks cool and promising.

That David Leadbetter thing looks great oob should review it (if you don't have a Wii/time I'll gladly review it for the site if they send me one to borrow).
cvargo says:
Does have the same story line as the south park episode???
coojofresh says:
i agree, most of the time it's the same thing with little new things added in. it will always have that EA glitch where it is too easy for some people and the shoot like 45s. i am also over the game and will more than likely get it later and used also.
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