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Titleist To Relaunch WedgeWorks
By Kickntrue on 7/7/10
Bob Vokey and Titleist are banking on serious golfers to pay for hardcore customization of their wedges.
Starting July 15, Titleist plans to re-launch WedgeWorks and provide every golfer with the chance to get a club that is as personalized as those created for players like Rickie Fowler, Davis Love III and Zach Johnson.

The first wedge to be made available will be the TVD, which features a crescent-shaped grind along the sole and moderate bounce for enhanced versatility. Customers will be able to buy these clubs in four different finishes, with several different shaft options and up to eight hand-stamped letters or numbers on the back. There are 40 different toe-stamp designs to choose from and 20 different colors of paintfill available. After you pick your grip of choice, you even get to choose the shaft band you want.

All of the clubs will be built and assembled by Vokey's team—the same folks who make the tour players' clubs—in Oceanside, Calif.

A WedgeWorks TVD club with no personalization and a standard True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft will cost $150. Having up to four characters stamped on the back of the club and getting your choice of grip will add $25. Eight characters stamped on the club, custom grip and shaftband, and a toe engraving with your choice of paintfill color adds $50. Upgrades and custom-shaft options may also increase the price of your club.
To me- this is one of those, "If I was rich..." type fantasy items. Fortunately for Titleist- there are a couple rich people out there and a lot of them play golf. Having "oobgolf" stamped and filled green in my wedge would be beyond badass. I'm not sure it's badass enough to pay almost $200 for. The real value I suppose is for the non-cosmetic customization like special grinds, but I'm wondering how many people would know what to even ask for here. It seems that's something pros get done because they have club making specialists watching their every swing. Maybe there should be a survey where you can answer a few questions about your game and they can adjust from there.

Still- I have a sneaking suspicion their not going to have a huge problem getting orders on these babies! Maybe we can convince WedgeGuy to start punching initials into our EIDOLON wedges!

Check out the link for pictures of what you can get done!

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Bryan K says:
I envision a day when I'd be willing to pay $200 apiece for top quality wedges. The problem with wedges, though, is that they have a relatively short shelf life when compared to other clubs. Grooves wear out quickly, and if I was good enough so that cutting the ball spin in half would make a difference in my score, then I'd be shelling out the dough once a year to keep my wedges in good playing shape.
rmumph1 says:
They are trying to knock off Eidolon wedges with the sole. I read something about it on the internet (can't remember were) and it mentioned something about "V grind" as the name of the sole. Sounds like "V-sole" to me. They can't make it a v shaped sole as Eidolon has the patten on that. They make is crescent shaped with doesn't really have any benefit. If I had money to burn I guess I would like the stamp and paintfill part, but really, I can't afford to get properly fitted much less waste money on that.
tcjonny says:
i live about .6 miles from the Titleist tour facility where they're opening up this place. Its in a business park at the back of my sub. The place is all military like with huge barbwire fences and lasers and whatnot. But you can see an ubber swanky practice facility with a range and 2 golf holes through the trees. Its a nice place, Scotty Cameron's shop is back in there too...
Banker85 says:
on no Terry, they are finally catching on...
mschad says:
Best wedge for the $$ is still going to be EILODON.
ElGalloGigante says:
What's with the "hand stamped" stuff? For a $200 wedge, you could "laser mill" it or whatever so it doesn't look like a 3 year old tryied to personalize it. Have you seen Fowlers' wedges? Gag.
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