Dixon Fire Golf Ball
By Kickntrue on 7/16/10
Thanks to Ben Crane in the comments for pointing out the hilarious name. Saying it out loud- you'll get it, "Dixon Fire."

Would you pay $75 for a dozen golf balls? That's what Dixon Golf is asking you to do today after launching their Fire Golf Balls, golf's most expensive ball.

From their press release:
CEO William Carey is set to announce tomorrow at their Green Ribbon Cutting Ceremony that Dixon Golf, manufacturers of the world’s first high performance, eco-friendly golf ball, is unveiling its latest product – the Dixon Fire golf ball.

The Fire ball will feature an ElastodynamicTM recyclable cast urethane cover for maximum playability and performance. The Fire ball also features a 318 tour-precision dimple pattern as well as an energy intensifying mantle for maximum power. Dixon Golf’s Fire ball retails for $74.95 per dozen – the most expensive ball on the market.

“This ball is not for everyone,” says Dixon Golf CEO William Carey. “This ball is only for the golfer that demands the absolute best in performance. Its price point is unreachable for a certain segment of golfers, which is why we have two other offerings – the Earth and Wind – that retail for $39.95 and $24.95, respectively.”
Here's the thing- I had a great conversation with Mr. Carey down at the PGA Show at the end of January about his company and I knew this move was coming. He told me then his plan was to have the most expensive golf ball in the world. So, yes, part of it is a gimmick, but I hammered away asking questions about the quality of the ball. "Are you just doing this to have an expensive ball?" "How much of this is because the ball is recyclable?" "Do you really expect pros to use this ball?" Carey's answer to all of these questions is basically yes.

I've never hit these balls (though I do hope they send a sample) but Carey insists they are the best ball you could ever find on Tour and that companies don't make them because they cost so much. Of course, he doesn't expect them to be his companies top selling ball, but it would be interesting to see someone on Tour make a switch. The company in general is really interesting as it's been around a couple years and is gathering a pretty unique following.

Dixon Golf makes 100% recyclable golf balls and they have a pretty cool trade in program where you can send used balls (Dixon or not) to get credit towards future Dixon Golf purchases. You could take all the junk balls you find when playing, save them up and exchange them with Dixon for new balls, including these new Fire balls. They've certainly hit a spot with certain parts of the community including their new spokesperson, actor Don Cheadle (Iron Man 2 + a million other good movies) who loves the ball and has been playing it long before Dixon knew about it.

Dixon Golf - Fire Ball

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brianshaffer32 says:
Unless this ball finds itself or guarantees me 4 birdies a round regardless of where I hit it, I will never pay $6 a ball
mjaber says:
For the price of a dozen balls, plus MA sales tax, I can play 2 rounds @ weekend greens fee prices at the course I'm playing Sunday.

I get it, their "green", but $75? Is it really THAT much better than a ProV?
sepfeiff says:
Yikes thats a lot of dough for a ball and I don't think that there is a better ball than the ProV1 no matter what the price is. I wonder if its made with Tofu and rainbows?
dottomm says:
I play them if I find em!
Ben Crane says:
Am I the only one that after reading the product name thought a strong antibiotic is necessary?
cmuidiot says:
~Ben: Haha, thanks for pointing that out! Reading the product name of the Earth ball.........But really, how many Dixon Earth are there?
Kurt the Knife says:


Thats the best zing i've read in a long time.
Kickntrue says:
@ben crane- didn't even put that together. Hilarious. Think I'll need to amend the post! They were obviously going for Earth, Wind and Fire- but Dixon Fire is awesome! Thanks for the laugh.
srogers13 says:
I am afraid to ask where the Dixon Wind has been.
mmontisano says:
they're coming out with a new ball next year that you can only find in the southern states of the US. it'll be called the Mason Dixon.
mjaber says:
@badcaddy.... will there also be a see through ball "Dixon Glass"?
mjaber says:
Or perhaps the (insert the player on tour that you dislike most here) ball-- Dixon Tour
TeT says:
I have played a Dixon top end ball... they make a really good ball. the recycle program rocks and nobody wants to carry them here in Houston. Oh well...
Kickntrue says:
@TeT- you didn't play the fire though did you? They have a Wind ball- that they say compares to the ProV1. They say this is in a whole other league... which I'm not really sure what that means... will it go in for you?! I'd pay $75 a dozen for that. Pin seeking technology.
georgelohr says:
The pros can play ProV1, ProV1x, Srixon Z-Star or Z-StarX, Nike One Tour Vapor Speed Distance Extreme....WHATEVER! There are some balls worth paying $2.00 for, but none are worth the premium they ask above that. You telling me that a pro golfer (take any in the top 100 world rankings)....give him a Wilson, cheap Nike, cheap Titleist, Cheap Srixon, and it would do what? At most it would knock his 2 strokes off his average score in any given round! To a 5 handicap that may translate into 1 stroke over 2 rounds, a 10 handicapper...maybe 1 stroke over 5 rounds...so on and so forth. I am sick of giving these companies huge dollars for golf balls. Each company puts out multiple new balls every year because we buy them, not because they improve our game!
sepfeiff says:
ROFL @ Ben Crane, thats hilarious
Beekeeper45 says:
Up way to early this morning ROFLMAO!!!! But really 6 bucks a ball, my handicap doesnt support that and my wallet never will.
golfrefugees says:
Good product. The biggest sham it that it takes a relatively small independent golf ball manufacturer to produce a high performance recycled golf ball. Whilst all of the other big golf brands would rather stick with toxic materials and paying star pro golfers more dosh. Well done Dixon Golf. If you'd do a black one for us, please let me know.
grady3rd says:
So is the ladies version hot pink and called the Dixon Chicks?
Recycle Michael says:
No. The lady's ball will be called the Grady Lady.
Dick Shaft says:
So if my Dixon your chin, where are my balls?
Jenn Jones says:
Used Dixon Fire Golf Balls and love them. Have used other golf balls before and felt that I was ripped off.
Kitty08 says:
They need to partner with The Big Johnson driver. Watch for it...
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