Miura Series 1957 C-Grind Wedge
The Aura Of Miura
By Kickntrue on 9/9/10
Miura Golf has introduced 2 new wedges sweet enough to make your mouth water. The hard part... getting your hands on one!

In golf- there are clearly the "haves" and then the "have nots." In most cases this has everything to do with marketing, though huge R&D budgets don't hurt either. Fortunately, there are some companies that exist that are known for their superior craftsmanship versus mass production. One of the most notable companies in this category is Miura Golf, founded in 1994 by legendary forger Katsuhiro Miura. While some of you may not be familiar I'm sure the golf equipment junkies amongst us are drooling right now, just from the mention of the name. You think Mizuno's reputation for working with steel is good? Multiple it by two and you're getting close to the "aura of Miura."

Anyway- enough adoration. On to the news. Miura is releasing two new special edition "Series 1957" Wedges. The Y- And C-Grind wedges are each individually worked as the grind is done by hand for every wedge.
The Y-Grind and C-Grind wedges possess the feel, feedback and workability of a forged blade. Miura's unique forging techniques rearrange the molecular structure of the mild steel in a uniform pattern throughout the club's hitting area. This tightness in the metal's grain structure gives Miura-made clubs the controlled, soft feel other manufacturers cannot achieve.

Miura also uses a proprietary "spin-welding" process to produce the industry's most consistent hosel. This unique procedure ensures the bore depths and hosel heights are identical on every Miura-made head and every club's shaft will be perfectly centered.
Look- I'm not stupid- I know a lot of that is marketing speak, but DANG it sounds good! For me though- this is all about LUST. I've never actually hit a Miura iron or wedge, so what do I know? Maybe someone in the comments can enlighten us? Actually, I do know this- they sure look amazing!

Miura Golf Home
C-Grind Wedge
Y-Grind Wedge

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coojofresh says:
yeah i'll take one.
rmumph1 says:
Let's offer one as a prize. To the first person who brings up "offering one as a prize". Oh wait, that's me I won.

Does look sweet! I like shiny things.
birdieXris says:
is it just me or do both those "grinds" look nearly identical? I don't know if i'm ready to give up the eidolons just yet. I WILL take one of those drivers though.
Kickntrue says:
@rmumph1- great idea... but we'd have to get our hands on one first!
TeT says:
yep I'm drooling here...
wrhall02 says:
The K-grind looks like a sweet stick too...
ilovebacon says:
I tried a few different Miura irons a couple years ago while getting fitted for my first set of forged irons. They're definately the most dangerous irons in golf, because one pure shot and you're hooked - they're more buttery than Mizuno's & engineered so perfectly that you don't have to be a single digit handicap to hit them. Problem is they cost $1,500+. I considered buying the 7-PW at that point and then worrying about 3-6 the next year. Miura CB-301 is my dream set of irons. If you ever have a chance to try Miura's out, leave the checkbook & credit cards at home, otherwise I guarantee you'll walk away a lot poorer.
Sparker1969 says:
If I'm going to spend that much, I want the clubs to be made out of the same space metal used to construct Mechagodzilla.
ilovebacon says:
Correction - I meant Miura's CB-202 are my dream irons (in case a set happens to magically appear on my doorstep). If you want to see the prettiest blades around, check out Miura's Blade 2007.
cjgiant says:
Did you block WG from being able to read this post??
falcon50driver says:
$1500 ? They must be made of Unobtainium.
Swingem says:
Can you imagine stepping up with one of these to hit off a dirt lie or out of a s*#t bunker or waste area with. Might have to take an unplayable for fear of dinging the thing.
Swingem says:
Doh! That would be, with... dirt and gravel.
Virtuaframax says:
i'll take one, or two, or a whole set.
mmontisano says:
i may be totally wrong, but i think Miura is the one that did all of Mizuno's forging until he broke out on his own. but if you're looking pretty, impeccably designed irons, you can't forget Scratch and Epon as well. Fourteen is a new company our there that are also producing some fine looking products.
mmontisano says:
oh yeah, and put me down for the CB-501s. soooo preeeettttyyyyyyyy
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