New Book On Earl Woods
By Kickntrue on 9/23/10
"His Father's Son" by Tom Callahan will be available at the end of October. It's been a long time since I was this excited about a golf book. I'm not into books on the physics of golf or game improvement, but I'm always up for a biography, and this apparently no holds barred look at Earl Woods sounds like it's going to be awesome (and maybe sad).
Callahan portrays Earl Woods as a womanizer, minus the names or the details. In one chapter, he writes about Tiger being furious with his father toward the end of his life. Earl implied that Tiger had to buy him out of what Callahan described only as "some kind of sexual jackpot." It was Woods' mother, Kultida, who served as peacemaker, urging her son to forgive his father.

Callahan was well into writing the book on Nov. 27, when Woods ran over a fire hydrant outside his Florida home, and soon after lurid details of his sexual escapades began gushing out in the media.

"The funny thing is, it didn't change the book that much," Callahan said. "The original outline was 40 chapters. I ended up with 31. Nine that were lost were melted into other chapters in the first half. I waited half a book to get to Tiger. I didn't want people to be impatient."
You guys know I'm a bit Tiger fan- indiscretions or not, but I believe 100% that while you make your own life choices, you are mostly going to be influenced by those who raised you. Earl Woods holds a mythical status in the golf world, and while traces of his true self have been made public, I hope this book will really open our eyes to the truth of who he was and how it shaped his son. The author Callahan says insistently that he really liked Earl, but that he's not going to hold any punches. No man is perfect- but I don't think it's fair to praise or admonish a person without knowing the whole story. While you can make an argument that Earl Woods doesn't need his dirty laundry flaunted to the public (Lord knows I wouldn't want a biography about myself published), for better or worse, he did thrust himself into the public sphere, and is certainly of human and golf interest.

The book will be available October 28th.

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Banker85 says:
sounds good.
Matt Otskey says:
Looking forward to it.
falcon50driver says:
Looks like the kind of tripe you see next to the checkout counter at the supermarket.
LongTimeAway says:
Was it generally known that Earl Woods was womanizer? For a long time, I have figured that he was a womanizer.

I'm into books on the physics of golf or game improvement. ;-) Shrug.
sepfeiff says:
Tom Callahan sells brake pads, good guy.
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