Shadow Caddy Looks Fun
By Kickntrue on 10/14/10
I only walk about 25% of the time when I play golf, but I'm sure that percentage would be higher if I had a Shadow Caddy. The motorized golf buggy carries your clubs and follows you around the golf course. All you do is carry a small sensor in your pocket for it to "chase" and with a flick of a button you can stop the device. It also has an internal detection device so it doesn't tumble over a cliff or ram into obstacles.

Sadly- it's only in Europe at the present time.

I think their big pitch needs to be (and based on their site I think it is) to golf courses, to buy in bulk as an alternative to golf carts. That's probably a big reason they chose Europe (along with being invented there) because walking is so much more prevalent. I can't see golf courses in the USA being willing to have riding carts AND a fleet of these. Maybe Bandon Dunes or Bethpage Black... where you are forced to walk.

I'm betting I can't get the makers of Shadow Caddy to send me a sample. That's too bad- because I'd probably blog about it daily.

Actually- screw the Shadow Caddy- I want one of the little hovercraft video camera thingies from this video!

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mjaber says:
From the picture, it doesn't look very portable. I'm guessing that it would HAVE to be a golf course (bulk) purchase. Maybe to replace their old, clunky rental pull-carts.

I guess if you live on a course you could get one and use it there.
birdieXris says:
I gotta say. that is outstanding!!! I always wondered how long it would be from the time they invented those "kangaroo" things that are like remote control bags until this came out. I'm a little unnerved about the size of the "target" you have to carry but if it's light then i don't think it is that much of a problem. Unreal. I want one!!!
birdieXris says:
@mjaber - nah, you just put the "target" in your trunk and it follows you to the course. :) haha. that would be awesome.
cjgiant says:
I swear I saw this years ago here in the states. I thought it was the most amazing idea. The one I saw did make me think about stability on hillier courses, but still seems relatively cool. Didn't click links yet, but I guess you gotta turn off the sensor around green and can push it on tight corners?
Banker85 says:
cool, probably more expensive than a electric cart right now though. what was up with the music? like porn music just play.... just walk... just Fu.. opps wrong video.
Duke of Hazards says:
They stole that soundtrack right off of Tiger's special mix tape.
Envythepea says:
Very cool. I wonder if they can stand the abuse they'd take by some of the yahoos I've seen on the course... they'd probably be trying to ride them like a mule!
Pappybro says:
Probably why it's not marketed in the States (among other things).
jbird2011 says:
I got a remote control cart off of ebay. The company is called Green Ray vehicles and it is AMAZING!!!!! Its really easy to control and makes walking so much better. I highly recomend it.
falcon50driver says:
I saw a remote control cart in Montreal a few years ago. It ran amuck near the clubhouse and climbed on top of another pull cart. It was humping it like a horny dog. People were yelling "throw a bucket of water on it"!
legitimatebeef says:
Well at my local course its $5 to rent a pull cart, and $15 for a riding cart, so I would definitely pay $10 to rent one of these. Add GPS for yardage along with some kind of ball and club cleaner, and you'd have something that really does resemble an actual caddy.
jeremyheslop says:
I agree Dukes of Hazard the music was terrible! Could only watch 30 sec of each clip. Those RC copters look like the X4 from here
jev says:
This is not a new concept, it's available on the market and has been for quite some time. For example, the OMG GoGo ( - but there are others that roughly do the same.
Trav says:
Looks fun, but I bet most courses would resist this because it's gimmicky and probably more trouble to maintain, re-charge, etc. If you're running a course you want fewer worries. Personally I would be afraid it would refuse to follow me to some of my exotic ball locations.
sepfeiff says:
Have also seen these in use... Notice in the video that the players need to be a few feet apart while walking... its because the carts will smash blindly into eachother and tip over. Annoying but hilarious.
thompsonc715 says:
As long as it's got a beer holder.

Matter of fact, if it can hold lots of beers, i'll just bring it my next party.
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