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Playstation Move Controller
The Evolution Of Video Games And What It Means To Golf
By Kickntrue on 11/9/10
The Nintendo Wii revolutionized movement based video gaming- but new products by Sony and Microsoft are taking things to a even higher level- a level that could be useful for true golf training.

Playstation Move
The "Move" by Playstation (Sony) is a controller similar to that of the Nintendo Wii but with interaction to the Playstation 3 media console. That means HD Gaming as well as a much more powerful processor than the Nintendo Wii can offer. The Move is supposed to have more ability to read small movements and more directions than the Wii.

The controller also looks to be a bit easier to hold though a two hand "grip" still doesn't look like it really fits. Games like EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 already interact with the Playstation Move (video of Paula Creamer showing it off below).

Xbox Kinect
The Kinect for use with Xbox 360 (Microsoft) is new as of last week. It takes motion based gaming controller-less, or rather- without a remote- making YOU the controller. It has multiple cameras and microphones built into the device that can sense your movements and words so you are free to act out the movements in front of the Kinect and then they are transfered through the Xbox back to the TV. This technology has been on the market for a week and the early releases of the games are mostly workout and dance based, but it's not hard to see the possibilities for the future. With enough space- you could actually swing your club, which means your REAL swing, and have it both play a game, but more importantly, actually have it analyzed. While playing Wii is fun, I don't think anyone would argue that it really helps your game. Kinect could change all of that.

Which To Buy
I don't know. I just needed a title to show this was a conclusion and not a continuation of the previous section. I one of those weirdos with a Wii, Playstation 3 and an Xbox 360- so I have options, but I don't think I'm going to be buying either the Move or Kinect anytime soon. I'm more excited about the potential these bring moreso than their actual functionality right now. It kind of funny to think that you'd play a sport in front of the TV mimicking the movements (like basketball or football) instead of, you know, actually walking outside and playing basketball or football, but I'd be a hypocrite (I game 3 or 4 hours a week, use to be 15) if I said I didn't get the appeal. Golf though- being a technical sport- is different. As these devices get even better at reading the smallest of movements, we're not just talking about off-season practice, we're talking about an add-on to something a lot of us already have that could actually improve our golf game and our swing, while also providing an alternative to the time and money it takes to go to a course and play a round. No video game will ever replace that experience or joy- but I know there are times when I'd love to swing a golf club for 15 minutes when I just can't do it. Soon, I will.

Playstation Move ($50 per controller)
Kinect ($150 -includes 1 game)

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Backquak says:
ummm, u have all 3 consoles, so I expect a review of each component before Christmas... its work related,... she'll understand,... I'm sure u have a story already in the works, so get us the un-biased, purely golf game enhancing improvement swing analysis, and then give-em away,... to me ofcourse.
rmumph1 says:
I have the Move for PS3. One of my reasons for buying it was to play golf when I couldn't spend 4 hours at the real course.

The controller is better than the Wii (had that before) in that it is round instead of square. Feels more natural but still alot bigger in diameter than a golf club. Still doesn't feel right with two hands as the controller isn't long enough to fit both hands comfortably. You also have to hold down a trigger button when you swing to make it register, this is not that bad as the trigger is in a spot that your finger would be anyway.

Tiger Woods is fun for the most part with Woods, Irons, and Putting but is very frustrating with pitching and chipping. It's best to put the difficulty to easy and takes some swings in practice mode to see how it reads your swing. I tend to hook alot in the game but never do in real life as these can be from turning of my wrist on the game and that effects the clubface.

Sorry for being so long-winded but had alot to discuss.
BME_Badger says:
I see Move being the winner in the golf arena for motion based gaming as I believe Kinect will have a hard time translating the precise wrist articulations via motion control. I think its motion mapping will be Wii like at best, but probably worse.

Move, however, offers better motion tracking than the Wii because it tracks more parameters (see article here: www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2372244,00.asp). From what I've read, the first version of TW Golf that takes advantage of Move is little more than a quick hack add on, I would expect a much better experience next Spring when the next version is released and the developers have had more time to work with the system.

How about a winter give away to keep things tuned up, Move or Kinect + golf game :-)
rmumph1 says:
Or better yet, a golf simulator that you can plug into your PC or PS3 and us your own clubs. That would be a great giveaway. It's only $150-200.
RichardNomics says:
which one plugs into your ps3?
rmumph1 says:
Golf Lauchpad Tour can plug into your PS3 or PC with a USB cord. Can play TW on it.
KVSmith59 says:
Has anyone tried this? If so, give some feedback: www.mypersonalgolftrainer.com/
Kurt the Knife says:
means more fat kids with diabetes.
rmumph1 says:
@Kevin-I saw a review and it said this was terrible. Did not feel realistic and did not help the golf swing. But if anyone has tried it personally I would like to hear about it.
Backquak says:
I can't see how the Fit board could be useful, unless u put something on it to make it wider, it kinda limits how wide ur stance is.
Backquak says:
I had the launchpad, and it was fun, but it didn't truly capture a golf swing, only swing path (straight, in to out, and out to in) and a quick tempo would not register very well. It quit after about 6 months, and I didn't play it that much.
larrynjr says:
What about Dancin Doggs Optishot simulator? Anyone tried it out? www.dancindogg.com/whatisoptishot?section=whatis
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