Putting Game Pro
By Kickntrue on 11/19/10
The Putting Game Pro is pretty expensive for a putting mat, but I'd love to see one in action. You can actually adjust settings that simulate different stimpmeter readings making a small green putt the same as up to 32 feet.
Putting Game Pro is not your father s automatic ball return! This fun yet pro-quality training aid uses digital and optical technology to score the precision of each putt. No matter how much "real" space you have, advanced software creates a virtual green with a virtual cup that can be set to any preferred cup distance (up to 32 feet) and virtual green speed (stimp) settings from 6 to 20 feet. Each putt is graded on directional accuracy and speed control and scored on the 3-digit LED display. A built-in audio speaker plays ball-in-cup and cheering sounds, encouraging commentary and even heckles you just for fun! Battery-powered for use anywhere, Putting Game Pro also features convenient foot switches for easy game selection and reset. Choose from six games designed to improve putting accuracy, distance control or both. Putting Game Pro improves your game with a variety of unique challenges, many of which are based on the same drills the pros use on the real practice green. In fact, it's used regularly by winning Nationwide, LPGA, PGA and Champion s Tour players to stay sharp.
Of course- I MUST have one... until I saw I'd have to pay $300 for it. This is one of those products that could be amazing- but is nearly impossible to buy without trying first. They sell them through Brookstone so maybe they have one set up at the mall we can all go try. Even if it was awesome though- I have to wonder if it helps you learn to hit the ball up to 32 feet when it's really only going about 8? I feel like that has to mess with you.

Anyone tried one?

The Putting Game Pro
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Banker85 says:
neat. overpriced. screw with your visualization/feel when facing a real 30 footer, fa sho!
homermania says:
Yeah, I agree. This looks like it would be counterproductive to your real game.
kregan says:
They need to hook this to a big screen, install a fan to blow air against the ball to slow it down. Then you can look at the screen, hit the putt just like you would for a real 30 footer.
Kickntrue says:
@kregan- and then it costs $600? At some point- you just lay out an empty plastic cup on your carpet or actually go find a green to practice on.
coojofresh says:
i agree with banker
boomer6301 says:
New to golf and I bought one to help me during the winter. I love it. I can definitely see where I will benefit and the games are fun. Anyone interested if there were a free trial period?
KVSmith59 says:
price point too high. If it was between $75 and $100 I'd consider it...
birdieXris says:
I tried this one at the 19th hole this year at WAHC - it's interesting, but nomatter what the "stimp meter" reads, you're still putting on a consistent 8 feet, then from the point the ball touches the bar, it rolls the true distance, so you could be off as much as 6 feet with your putting since the initial 8 feet will be slower or faster than the actual putt. I didn't like it, i'd rather put a coffee mug on it's side in my living room.
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