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EA Sports Lands Augusta National
By Kickntrue on 1/4/11
EA Sports and Augusta National announced today that in this year's version of their Tiger Woods golf video game franchise- you'll be able to play The Masters digitally. This is pretty huge news considering Augusta still restricts tv coverage of their course to about 12 total hours each year.
Billy Payne, chairman of Augusta National, and EA Sports announced today that Augusta National and the Masters would be featured in "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters," the next edition of the popular video game franchise.

Payne also announced that all of the club's earning from the game will go to the Masters Tournament Foundation, a newly formed foundation that will "annually invest in development programs for the game of golf worldwide."
I think this is a smart move by both parties; a true win-win. Many have complained (myself included) that the game has become a bit stale recently. It's hard- once you master a sport and it's minute details, what more can you do? Other sports game suffer a similar fate- but at lease they can rely on changing rosters yearly to make their new offerings must-haves. That's a lot tougher with golf. I think courses are the obvious answer- and nobody has Augusta.

It's also interesting to note that EA Sports let Tiger fully sell the game for them but you can see signs of them preparing in case he can't always carry that load. Last year's game featured Rory McIlory on the cover a long with Tiger and focused heavily on the Ryder Cup. Now- The Masters... I guess I wouldn't be shocked that if by 2014 or so we just had EA Sports PGA Tour Golf.

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bducharm says:
AND Bubba Watson will be on there!!!
bkuehn1952 says:
Will he shed digital tears?
mjaber says:
You woudn't be surpised by EA Sports PGA Tour Golf, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was an EA Sports Online Golf Tour.
GolfinHawg says:
I am sure that i will add it to the collection of Tiger Woods Golf games that I already have. It is like Madden got to have the next generation. I do like the add of Augusta and the Caddie is very realistic. I am willing to give it a shot.. The online tour would be a fun addition maybe we could get a OobGolf tour event.. LOL
birdieXris says:
I still want the kinect to have something to do with it. I really really do. When it does, i'm buying an Xbox 360 350gb system for sure. Right now, halo and the first person shooters just don't do it for me.
svj says:
brian575 says:
I got the Chicken Stick for Christmas and Tiger Woods for the Wii just went from fun to awesome. I will be getting the new one as soon as it is released.
larrynjr says:
I also received a chickenstick and I agree, much more fun and realistic swing. I have TG10 and have given TG11 a miss but will get 12 for sure. Want to play Augusta!
edditude says:
I love the hallow grounds of golf. To see St Andrews and Augusta National on the game together as they should be. Some of the new courses added like tpc San Antonio, Royal Melbourne I also hope the include some of the added courses could include Kapalua and the Dubai Classic and the Firestone and Medina in Columbus maybe as ad on courses. Best wishes to easports. I played other sports series but could never get the realism like I would with Easports. And seeing Fuzzy Zoeller on Morning Drive how about the Covered Bridge course in southern Indiana.
mjaber says:
I haven't picked a TW game in a while, but the one feature reviewers were always looking for, and never got, was a course builder. At one time there was a feature that allowed you to take different holes from courses that were in the game already, but nothing that would allow you to completely create your own course from scratch.
Kurt the Knife says:
To me it looks like the EA TW franchise was abandoned for PC. I occasionally play the online version which is not too bad if you disable the chat and other intrusive functions. I hope Augusta gets included online.
I don't have or want a game console so I guess thats all there is for us types.
dsferris says:
@ BirdieXris I got the Kinect from my wife for Christmas. I am not sure the Kinect can handle golf the way we would want it to. It does not do well if you are not facing it, and I am not sure it will be able to follow the small movements in the golf swing. I am still messing with it to see what it's capabilities are.
edditude says:
The Masters addition is gonna include the par 3 course at Augusta.
golfer71499 says:
Got PS3?

New stick out soon.
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