Beardo Makes Winter Golf Awesomer
By Kickntrue on 1/24/11
Winter golf is great- except it's cold. I mean, layering the body is easy enough- but chapped face sucks. Enter - "Beardo."
Tired of going unnoticed with your clean-shaven look?
The Beardo bearded beanies / toques are not only ideal for snowboarding, skiing, hiking and all other winter outdoor sports, they also make you feel dressier. The unique Beardo hand knit design pattern and slightly slouchy fit, makes them both stylish and functional in cold climates, and they also make a great NHL Playoff Beard!
Clearly their marketing needs work. For "golf" to be forgotten or just lumped in with "other sports" is a little weak, but I'll forgive them since the product is so awesome! I love that you can wear the beard down- or if you need fold it up into the beanie and hide it up. I suppose that makes the $40 for a Beardo a little more palatable.

Learn More & Buy A Beardo!

Thanks to Josh for the tip! (Josh- you haven't entered a score in almost 2 years! I appreciate you participating with a link- but how about USING THE SITE?! Slacker.)

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TeT says:
birdieXris says:
you misspelled "Wierdo" a few times in this article.
Kickntrue says:
@birdiXris +1
bkuehn1952 says:
You know, it almost looks good except for that dorky sock hat ... nah ... who am I kidding? It is completely dorky.
falcon50driver says:
Is it Bear do, sounds like Hair do, or is it beard o, sounds like wierdo or is it beardo, looks like doofus?
Matt F says:
Ahhhh, no. If you wear this, you will be pointed at, ridiculed and possibly beaten with your own clubs.
Kickntrue says:
@m2d- pretty sure it rhymes with Weirdo.
homermania says:
@merlin, It certainly is supposed to be Beard-o, but it definitely qualifies as a Bear 'do.
KVSmith59 says:
I'd wear it while night fishing :)
Johnny1111 says:
This is AMAZING! I use mine for snowboarding... one thing that you didn't mention is that if you wear it, your goggles/ glasses will not fog! Brilliant! +10
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