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The Wedge Guy Q&A
By mustang6560 on 7/22/11
We all know Terry "The Wedge Guy" Koehler as the creator of the patented Eidolon V-Sole wedges and the author of The Wedge Guy blog here on oobgolf. But in case you didn't know, he just debuted his revolutionary scoring clubs under the name SCOR4161. Terry is an expert club maker and he proved himself with the Eidolon V-Sole Wedges (just ask any of the hundreds of oobers that use his wedges) so we thought the best way for you to learn more about his new SCOR4161 scoring clubs was to ask the expert himself. Enjoy.

[oob]: Tell us a little about the new SCOR 4161 scoring clubs.

[TERRY]: The SCOR concept comes from an examination of the deficiencies in the way golf clubs have been put together for years. All of them look like the 6-iron, but the difference in loft between a 6- and pw is 16 degrees – the same as that between the 6-iron and driver! SCOR4161 builds seven different head designs across 21 individual lofts so that any golfer can assemble the exact set of scoring clubs they need to optimize gaps and short range performance. It’s never been done before, but it works.

What is the significance of the name SCOR 4161?

SCOR because that’s the goal, isn’t it? And it happens when you put focused energy on the short end of the set. “4161” because we make 21 lofts – every club from 41 to 61 degrees.

Why not just make a full set of clubs?

Because SCOR is currently focused only on short range performance. Not to say that we won’t expand that sometime soon, but for now, it’s your game inside 8-iron range that we are trying to revolutionize for you.

What is the difference between the SCOR 4161 scoring clubs and the V-Sole wedges?

The differences are many. As good as they are, like other brand wedges, the EIDOLON V-SOLE applied a range of lofts to one basic head design. The new SCOR4161 is a completely new generation of scoring clubs. The list of features is long – SGC3 progressive weighting, new face profiles, TruFormForged process for superior feel, new GENIUS short game shafts -- but they do all incorporate the patented and superior V-SOLE technology. It lends a measure of shotmaking versatility to the scoring clubs that no specialized bounce can match.

In the past, you talked about forged vs cast, and how it wasn’t a big deal. Why did you go forged?

This is what’s called True Form Forged, where the head is cast for precision, but then re-heated and forged under an 800-ton hammer press. It essentially compressed the metal structure, and does deliver a softer head feel. It’s minor, but an improvement on both cast and forged processes.

Why should I upgrade my current V-Sole wedges to the SCOR 4161 scoring clubs? Specifically- the difference between going to “new grooves” vs old.

Like why upgrade from persimmon to metal, standard metal to oversize, steel shafts to graphite in your driver, long irons to hybrids – it just works better. As for the grooves, you won’t see quite the spin on the shortest shots, but full shot spin is optimized by the SGC3 progressive weighting and TruFormForging. We get the ball off the club a little quicker and lower, which actually improves spin with the new grooves. We learned that when we began testing the new grooves on EIDOLON wedges. That’s what stimulated the entire SCOR4161 development process.

Are you getting rid of the name Eidolon?

We still have some of the 2010 conforming groove wedge heads available and the eidolongolf.com website is still up and taking orders. We are “closing out” that inventory at our lowest prices ever, and they are still the best “conventional” wedges in golf. But our future is to change the game with respect to the short range shots, with SCOR4161. EIDOLON will be given a “rest” when this inventory is depleted. Who knows what will happen in the future, but our focus is on SCOR4161, as it is the biggest golf equipment story in a long, long time.

Learn More About SCOR4161

[ comments ]
falcon50driver says:
Did they improve your scores? Oh, I see, you don't post your scores.
k-von says:
I noticed the ScorFit club database doesn't have my irons. They're Cleveland CG1s and play off a 47* PW (the later CG1 Tours mysteriously appear to play off a 46* PW), which seems to impact the results of the process. Additionally, when you are playing a set of blades such as these where the clubhead design differences between the set's 43* and 47* irons and Scor's offerings are so minimal, I think a 3-club set would be logical. Nahmean?
Bryan K says:
I'm a little disappointed that you are giving the Eidolon name a rest. If you only knew the number of golfers I had encountered on the course who had never heard of the Eidolon name until they met me. And by the end of 18, they all tend to be quite familiar with the Eidolon name because (I hate to brag) my wedge game is decidely superior to the standard 20 capper.

At any rate, while I think the SCOR concept is a good move for your company, I think it is a mistake to distance the SCOR clubs from the Eidolon name.
sepfeiff says:
Good idea, I play a mixed set of mp32's and mp 68's. Between the 6 iron (mp32) and the 7 iron (mp68) there is a distinct difference in trajectory and spin. The gap to me is noticeable and other than bending the 3 through 6 I have to live with the difference for forgiveness sake. I suppose if I had a custom fitting and a tour van at my practice area this wouldn't be much of a problem. Looks like you have addressed that with an intelligent club design. Kudos T!
Matt F says:
If I want to have my Eidolon wedges reshafted, now with Eidolon no longer in production, will you guys srill work on them? i'm guessing yes.

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