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By mustang6560 on 11/16/11
Who’s excited for the 2011 Presidents Cup? I know I am.

The start of the biennial event is almost here and the pairings for the round one matches were announced yesterday (today). The most notable match is Tiger Woods vs. Steve Williams. Oh, I mean Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker vs. Adam Scott and K.J. Choi (I apologize for the slip of the keyboard). Fred Couples, the U.S. Team Captain, said the pairing just kind of happened, it wasn’t planned or anything. What a superb made for TV coincidence!

Well, if you’re rooting for the best team, a.k.a. the U.S. Team (sorry International Team fans), AB Designs has a few different head covers you can buy to show your support. The company recently launched its new Patriotic Collection to give golfers the ability to sport their love of country on the golf course in style. You'll see the head covers in action this week at the Presidents Cup since Freddie gave each member of the U.S. Team a set of specialty American Head Covers with the Presidents Cup trophy logo embroidered on the top. The Patriotic Collection also includes the USA Guitar head cover, the USA Boxing Glove (“Count of Monte Fisto”) head cover and the USA Throwback head covers for your driver, fairway wood and hybrid.

We’ve worked with AB Designs before and know they make good quality head covers at an affordable price. The USA Guitar and USA Boxing Glove head covers are $25 each, a set of USA Throwback head covers (four included) are $28 and a set of the American head covers similar to the ones used in the Presidents Cup are $70 (four included). It's always hip to support your country and now is as good of a time as any with the start of the Presidents Cup less than 12 hours away!

U-S-A! U-S-A!

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Banker85 says:
I AM EXICTED! I will be watching late tonight!
SniderS says:
Damn, those are ugly.
SniderS says:
Patriotic, yes... but they look like they were homemade.
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