Nike to launch a golf version of Nike+?
By mustang6560 on 9/12/12
Interesting news out of Beaverton, Oregon.
The world's largest producer of sporting goods [Nike] obtained a patent Sept. 4 to put data-collecting sensors on golf clubs to improve personalization. In one scenario, the analysis of a swing is shown on a display screen embedded on the back of the club's head. That would make getting fit for golf clubs faster and more precise, the company said.

"Custom fitting is outdated, and can be inaccurate," Nike said in documents posted on the website of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. While most fitting is done indoors on a hard surface, the new club would allow golfers to measure a swing out on a course, which would garner more accurate data, Nike said.
It was only a matter of time before an OEM added "intelligence" to a golf club and it appears Nike will be on the cutting edge of the technology.

Will it revolutionize the game?

Not sure. But, I'd much rather collect data about my golf swing on the golf course than inside on a launch monitor.

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mjaber says:
I can't see putting a screen on the back of a club. I could see sensors built into the club that connect wirelessly to a smartphone via bluetooth.

I don't think it will revolutionize the game. Club-fitting, maybe. Instruction, sure, especially if it can be attached to any iron, instead of being built in to the club. Not the game itself, though.
birdieXris says:
I'd say on this you HAVE to build something like that into the club. When you're talking about a game where a few ounces could change the entire characteristic of the club, it has to be a constant. Also with so many clubhead backplate shapes, it'll be tough to securely put it on the head.
jcstoll says:
Just as long as it doesn't record audio - I wouldn't want a recording of my stream of expletives to fall into the wrong hands.
legitimatebeef says:
More nonsense "technology" engineered to thin out wallets. Club fitting is great for highly skilled players with consistent, finely tuned swings, help them max out their game. The rest of us need clubs with correct length and lie and a swingweight that feels right. You want feedback, you got eyes, watch the GD ball. For most crappy golfers the ball tells you everything you need to know about your swing whether you like it or not. Let's face it, if you suck (and that is most of us) it is squarely your fault. Shop all you want for clubs but don't ever forget that you are the chief reason behind your sucking. Launch monitors, swing analysis software, adjustable clubs, etc...all these things do is muddle the process and distract you from your incompetence.
elliottgaryusa says:
Contrary to Mr. Where's the Beef, I think this is awesome. (just having fun) I was fitted for a set of clubs a little over a year ago. Not only did I get a set that I was comfortable playing with, I learned a ton about ME and MY swing. Mr. Beef is right about watching the ball flight but what happens when you can't figure out why the ball is doing what it's doing. A good instructor and good technology can really help. My crappy handicap dropped 10 this past year because I practiced a lot with clubs that fit me.

Think of it this way. A good bowler would never play with any ol ball off the rack. He's going to take the time to find the right weight, composition and finger pattern that works for him.
Torleif Sorenson says:
ElliottGaryUSA is spot-on: I was in a simulator last week and was wildly inconsistent with my circa-1989 Hogan Edge irons. I was a little better with an Mizuno JPX-800 HD 6-iron (using three different shafts!), but still rather inconsistent.

Then a really nice person allowed me to try a Mizuno MP-63. I lost some overall distance, but except for just two bad swings, I was scary-consistent! All of my shots' distances were within 11 feet, and the shot dispersion was no more than eight feet. I don't know if there's another club that will help me be THAT consistent on the market, but after "Project Subaru" is complete, I'm going to bank some cash for a set of those MP-63s.
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