New Odyssey Flip Face Putter
By mustang6560 on 4/17/12
Odyssey, the self-proclaimed #1 Putter In Golf, just released its new line of Flip Face putters. It's newsworthy because the Flip Face family of putters is a first of its kind.
New Flip Face Putters are an adjustable masterpiece unlike anything else in golf. Golfers now have the ability to own two putters in one, with one side of the face featuring the new Metal-X Insert and the other side featuring the White Ice Insert. The different inserts let you quickly customize your putter and fine-tune performance on the course by giving you great feel differential, ball speed differential and roll differential all in one putter.
I first heard about the Flip Face putter at the PGA Merchandise Show, but I did not see them on display in the Callaway booth so I did not get a chance to demo it. And unfortunately for us, companies like Odyssey (and Callaway) do not typically send demos to websites like oobgolf. But, it doesn't mean I am not going to try!

My first question when I heard about the Flip Face putter was "Does it conform to the rules of golf?" and apparently it does. But, you cannot switch the putter face once your start your round. So as long as you decide between the X-Medal and the White Ice insert prior to your round, you'll be conforming to the rules of golf.

The putter will be available in three different models - #1, #5 and #9 - for $349.99.

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Image via Golfsmith, Odyssey Flip Face #1

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bkuehn1952 says:
At $350 plus sales tax, one could likely purchase a half dozen pre-owned putters and totally "customize" your putter selection prior to each round.
homermania says:
This whole adjustable club trend is weird to me.
birdieXris says:
I agree. Overpriced..... and guaranteed to sell 100k units by mid summer and spawn at least 2 more knockoffs. I'm looking for the scotty cameron version by end of season.
birdieXris says:
@homermania - I'll say this about the adjustable club trend: It's saved me money and kept me on top of my game. WHy? Because when i bought my adjustable driver, i wasn't swinging the best i could be swinging. I needed a 9.5 or 10* driver. I got better, and now i'm swinging an 8* driver. It grew with me, which was nice, rather than have to invest in ANOTHER club that i wasn't familiar with. In that respect, i think the adjustability was really nice, but the set it and forget it people have it wrong in their heads. This new incarnation with the putter is kinda meh, too. BK is right.
mmontisano says:
i remember when $150 for a putter was expensive. with an economic downturn to the scale of what we're going through, the asking prices for clubs from major OEM's is a joke. everything is "get customized" and "hit it longer" and "more forgiving," when the reality is that the average handicap hasn't gone down much, like .5 strokes, in the past 15 years. laughable...
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
$350 is too pricey, in my opinion. I bought the Odyssey Backstryke last year and love it. $200 is about as high as I'll go for a putter.
ppinkert says:
i agree with my fellow oobers. To pricey for me. I got a Ping fit to my swing for 123.00. I love it.
TeT says:
mjaber says:
This will probably end up going the way of Taylormade's xFT wedge. It will hang around for a year or 2, and then be gone.
larrynjr says:
My handicap just dropped .6 with my first revision of the year. Been working the short game all Winter! I'm hoping to drop at least 4 more strokes this season and preferably 10 strokes! Heck with that, drop all 24 and become scratch....yeah, yeah that's the ticket!
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