Spotted: New TaylorMade Tour Preferred prototype irons
By mustang6560 on 10/5/12
Attention TaylorMade loyalists — GolfWRX spotted Sean O'Hair (presumably at the JTSHO) playing with what appear to be the next generation Tour Preferred irons.

See TaylorMade Tour Preferred Prototypes

Based on the pictures, it looks like TaylorMade is trying to incorporate a "slot" in its next generation players irons, similar to the "Speed Pocket" in its RocketBallz fairway woods. If you look at the pictures, there is (approximately) an eighth of an inch slot running the entire length of the sole of each iron. It looks goofy, but according to the report, Sean O'Hair was crushing it.
On the 3rd hole, O'Hair had 191 uphill into a breeze. He struck a 6 iron straight up in the air — no ballooning — to 2ft. The bad news is O'Hair's RBZ Rescue is no longer needed. On the 9th, he smoked a 3-iron 238 yards that landed soft. He smiled and said "the rescue is out."
I wonder if TaylorMade received a "green light" from the USGA in regards to adding a "slot" to its player irons?

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Image via TaylorMade

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bkuehn1952 says:
I hear they are at least 25 yards longer similar irons!!!!!!!
Duke of Hazards says:
un-f*@%ing believable
Panerai111 says:
mmontisano says:
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