Nike's MC11w is part of the new line of weighted putters
Weighted results
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/31/12
Christmas is still two months away, so the engineers at Nike Golf are "gearing" up (no pun intended) with the release on Thursday of five new flat-sticks, part of their line of Method Core putters. The Method Core Weighted series features, as the name implies, additional weight in the 33- and 34-inch models.

The MC01w and MC02w are blades with a slanted and plumber's necks, respectively, while the MC03w and MC04w are half-mallets with a longer tail-end. The heel-shafted MC11w (shown at right) is a perimeter-weighted mallet that was developed in part from putters used by PGA Tour star Carl Pettersson and European Tour player Simon Dyson.

As with the Method Core line of putters overall, the face features a multi-material insert with a hybrid-metal groove pattern, and a lower CG.  All five putters have a MSRP of U.S.$ 139.99.

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Image via Nike Golf

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mmontisano says:
ha ha! if the pun wasn't intended, why did you put gear in quotes?
Torleif Sorenson says:
Because for most athletes and musicians, equipment is sometimes referred to as "gear."
joe jones says:
Are any of these putters offered in long or belly configuration. The manufacturers spend a lot of money on market research before they release new models. It might be an indication of how they are leaning in regard to the anchoring dispute.
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