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Gear Lust: Titleist's new 913 drivers
By Torleif Sorenson on 11/6/12
OK, so the worst-kept secret in the world of golf is that Rory McIlroy is leaving Titleist for Nike.

Obviously this will not stop Titleist from developing new clubs; on Friday, November 9, the company will release the new 460-cc 913D2 and the 445-cc 913D3 drivers, which were tested and used by tour players like Rory McIlroy this year. Rors captured the PGA Championship in August using an 8.5° version of the 913D3.

While the 913 drivers feature the same adjustable hosel and appearance as the 910D2 and 910D3 models from two years ago, Titleist engineers have changed the guts slightly to increase by about 11% the area of the clubface that provides the maximum coefficient of restitution (COR) permitted by the USGA.  The other change is the use of a lighter-weight club face, which repositions more of weight away from the face and toward the bottom of the clubhead.  Both models share the same launching properties and interchangeable weights; the D2 has a slight draw bias, while the D3 features a neutral bias.

As would be expected from a high-end club manufacturer, Titleist offers various shaft and club-fitting options.

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frankteo714 says:
I think you mean Friday, November 9.

I hit this club at Golfsmith last week and liked it a lot. I may buy one after the holiday season.
umdoh says:
Carrot is a carrot. Hope you clowns catch it someday.
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