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Gear Lust: Mizuno MP-64 irons
By Torleif Sorenson on 11/8/12
One of my very favorite comic strips of all time was the Bloom County 'toon by Berke Breathed in which Oliver Wendell Jones, owner of a Banana Jr. 6000 "self-portable" personal computer, is watching television one day.  He sees an advertisement for the same computer, but "now with tint control!"

Oliver gets up, takes his own Banana Jr. 6000 and dumps it in the trash can.  In the final frame, he breaks the fourth wall, telling readers that, "as a rule, hackers do not deal well with obsolescence."

In my case, this is not new-equipment obsolescence as much as not wanting to let "best" become the enemy of "better."

Back on October 25, I wrote about wanting a set of Mizuno MP-63 irons after having such an enjoyable experience with an MP-63 6-iron in a simulator.  At first, I tried my own Hogan Edge 6-iron (ca. 1989) and was spraying the ball all over the place — frustrating, to say the least, but also an accurate reflection of my shot-making out on the course.

But with just two exceptions (bad swings on my part), over a dozen shots I hit with that MP-63 in the simulator finished within 11 yards of each other, while the shot dispersion was perhaps ten yards left-to-right, at most.

The best part was that, when equipped with a True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft, the feedback was excellent.  I fell in love.

But now, the people at Mizuno have released an update of that "player's cavity."  Using some input from Ryder Cup hero Luke Donald, they have released their new MP-64 irons.  They maintain many of the same properties as the MP-62 and MP-63 irons, including Mizuno's well-regarded "Grain Flow Forging" process.  Unlike the MP-63s, these forged cavity-backs feature softer leading and trailing edges, designed to flow through turf with less friction and resistance.  Another modification is to the sole; Mizuno engineers have beveled off parts of the heel and toe for better movement through different lies.

The only modification I will need is for the lie angles to be 2° flatter than standard across the set.  (Just like my social life.)

So while my main financial objective remains a reliable used car with AWD, my sights are now on a set of MP-64s.  And eventually, these inconsistent old beasts...

...will head into retirement.  I need clubs that are not just consistent, but also give me that "tint control."  :)

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Backquak says:
its hard to "settle" for last years model when the new model is "new and improved" but go ahead and save yourself 500 and buy a gently used set of the 63s and dump those hogans. Then is 5-10 years from now you can upgrade again to a "newer" model, maybe the mp- 74s.
Wes11point5 says:
Get the WRX instead!
jfurr says:
I'm too have gear lust more often than normal.

Almost bid on an short set of 63's 7-PW on ebay a few months back. Meanwhile, I still have the 53's kind of setting unloved to the side at the moment. I'm not happy with the shafts anymore and not sure if I want to go through the effort of changing them out and stuff. Plus I lost the 8 iron and had to replace with a mismatched 57. Hey Tor, I have a cheap set of Mizunos for sale if your interested.... ;)

Actually right now I think I'm going out to get a Titleist Vokey SM4 wedge tomorrow. I want to try the Vokey as they seem to be well loved, and I want to have a low bounce option to complement a higher bounce Cleveland 588 --- both 54*, to change out depending on course condition. <--- see, that's the kind of sickness I have.
mustang6560 says:
@jfurr It's a sickness alright ;)
mmontisano says:
I was fitted and ordered my custom set of MP-63s and had to wait about a month until they finally got to my door. 3 days later, Mizuno released the MP-64s. to put it lightly, i was a bit miffed. BUT, i do love my new irons and i don't think i'll be getting rid of them any time soon.
DougE says:
Mizzy makes great irons. But, like TaylorMade, they introduce too many similar models, in too close a time span. That's one thing good (among many) that can be said about Titleist clubs. Two years between models. Nothing new or better comes out from them in the meantime. I bought my AP2-712s the day they were released, about a year ago. Won't start lusting for the new version for another year yet, 'cause it won't be out. Hard to believe whatever comes out can be that much better. Might even wait for the next iteration, in three years.
mjaber says:
I thought you were in Georgia... what do you need AWD for?
Torleif Sorenson says:
Mike: Nope, I am in Minnesota - and the road/driveway leading from "La Cueva del Tor" back to the neighborhood streets requires over 60 feet of vertical climbing. I've already had one bicycle crash on that snow-covered stretch, hence my desire for all-wheel-drive. One neighbor told me of having to stay home from work one day following a snowstorm simply because she couldn't get her compact car up that hill. :)
mjaber says:
Ahh... Understood. You may want to consider a truck/truck-based SUV, rather than a car based AWD crossover. I've had great luck with my '04 Nissan Frontier, though in hindsight, I wish I had bought the '05, since it had 4 doors and seating for 5.
jfurr says:
When I was in the shoppe today throwing my money away on a Vokey wedge, I chatted with the Callaway rep who was going thru doing calls. Had a look at some of the new 2013 gear. An Odyssey putter with unusual white/black head coloring (like oreo cookie). New hybrid and woods, with something that looks like a compression channel similar to the Nike VR Pro. I asked if this was what the company had hinted about with Phil playing the RBZ 3W and saying something similar is coming, but he didn't confirm. There was a new driver, which stayed under the headcover. X Hot I think was branded. The fw was adjustable hosel for face bias. Saw a new CB iron for a second. The shop owner gave me a sleeve of these new Hex Hot balls he had a few samples of to test out. Supposed to be like a distance version of the Hex family. Not urethane cover, the harder distance type. Looks like the Diablo to me, but maybe the same idea as Titleist Velocity? It all seemed more distance oriented concepts. No forged driving irons etc...
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