Gear Lust: Titleist 712U Utility Irons
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/9/13
Your correspondent has been razzed and chided with the question, "What the ---- are you doing carrying a 2-iron in your bag??!!" Based on reliable performance, I have felt no peer pressure or other undue coercion to yank my beloved, circa-1989 Hogan Edge 2-iron out of my bag. In fact, mustang6560 even borrowed it for a few minutes on the range last September — and gave it back to me shaking his head. But now, the benevolent engineers at Titleist are dangling a delicious-looking trio of long irons in front of tour players, golfers who want an option other than hybrids, and stubborn devoted traditionalists like this writer.

Today, Titleist announced the release of their new 712U forged utility irons. These so-gorgeous-they-make-my-nose-bleed irons feature a lovely, traditional muscle-back design, but with a few clever tweaks. Forged from soft, 1025 carbon steel, the hollow-body head features a more cambered sole for versatility in hitting shots with different trajectories, with a deep CG that provides a higher MOI at impact than typical long irons can deliver. The leading edge is also designed for cleaner interaction with turf, while the face is forged from 455 stainless steel and designed for increased stability at impact and better spin-control.

Titleist's proverbial "ringing bells." Ivan Pavlov would be proud.

Among the touring professionals who have been road-testing these clubs are Adam Scott, Tim Clark, and 2006 U.S. Open champion Geoff Ogilvy, who had this to say:
"I don't like the look of hybrids, but the 712U (2-iron) looks great at address. It is a bit stronger than a 2-iron, it goes farther than a 2-iron, and it's easy to hit. It feels great, performs how I need it to, and I like having it in my bag."
The 712U irons will be available in an 18° 2-iron that is already making Tor drool, along with 3-iron (21°), and 4-iron (24°) versions by custom order, beginning May 15.

Titleist vice president Chris McGinley, pouring gasoline on the fire.

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Image via Titleist

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Backquak says:
What???? Ah come on... I've been hunting for this club for the last year, tried the mizuno fli-hi, which was ok, but had the wrong shaft for me, then the rocketbladez non tour, which are nice, forgiving, and long, but didn't like the lack of feel and the thick top line, and exactly 2 hours ago I purchased the rocketbladez tour version to try it, and wham!!! Titleist is releasing this... I should have waited a little longer. This always happens, when I finally give up and buy something the next big thing hits the shelves.
Backquak says:
consequently, I have a few long iron/hybrid replacement clubs if anyone is interested
Torleif Sorenson says:
BQ: I hear you. Just like with comedy, timing is everything.
legitimatebeef says:
Pretty awesome looking clubs. I will probably try to check these out and I rarely say that about golf gear.
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