Return Of The Apex
By Torleif Sorenson on 9/26/13

The Ben Hogan Golf Company was launched by its famous namesake in 1953 and produced some of the best forged irons in the game for several decades. After several ownership changes, the brand was purchased by Callaway Golf and discontinued in 2008.

While the brand isn't coming back (unfortunately), the name of one of its most famous models is.

Callaway Golf have announced their new Apex irons, scheduled for a December 6 release to retail stores. The new Apex irons will be forged, just like their classic counterparts — but that's the end of the similarity. The 1020 carbon steel body will be mated to a face made from thin, lightweight 455 Carpenter steel — the same material used on their X Hot fairway metals. This is designed to provide higher ball-speed and more distance. Meanwhile, tungsten sole inserts contribute to a lower CG and higher launch-angles, while perimeter weighting offers some degree of forgiveness on off-center impacts.

The marketing angle revolves around longer distance than golfers usually get from forged irons.

These Apex irons will be available in both RH and LH versions in 3-iron (19°) through 9-iron (40°), PW (45°), AW (50°), and SW (55°). The two stock shafts will have a mid-low kickpoint: UST's Recoil graphite (D0 swing-weight) and the True Temper XP95 steel (D2 swing-weight).

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Images via Callaway Golf

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bducharm says:
My first set of real irons was a set of Hogan Apex II's. To this day, they are still the sweetest set I have ever owned. Wish I had never got rid of them.
slimpks1850 says:
"'s really about distance." amazing distance, distance, distance.......

Sounds like these things will send your ball flying amazing distances - right over your flag, green, & into a hazard! whhheeeee
Ianinho says:
@slimpks yeah I stopped watching the video as soon as he said that.
mmontisano says:
i'm sure Mr. Hogan would LOVE to see his irons now with a big fat sole and that much offset.
falcon50driver says:
The 9 iron in this set goes 275 yards. guaranteed.
Matt F says:
Of course it's about distance, with jacked up lofts, of course you will hit the ball further.
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