TaylorMade's new 14° SLDR Driver
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/5/13

Back in September, we told you about TaylorMade's new SLDR driver, which not only allows re-positioning of the fade or draw bias using a sliding weight, but also pushes the center of gravity forward, rather than to the back of the head.

Now, TaylorMade have announced that they will release a 14° version of the SLDR driver — a move that goes opposite of what many golf equipment manufacturers have been saying about club loft angles. In a press release, TaylorMade's chief technical officer, Benoit Vincent says,
"We have been chasing a driver that delivers high launch and low spin, a coveted combination off the tee sought after by all golfers. Having made significant industry strides with innovation advancements like movable weight, larger faces, adjustable shafts and improved aerodynamics, we are confident that we have cracked yet another code to more distance. And it's through loft."
Interestingly, the press release later states that TMaG's engineers have calculated that 17° of launch and 1,700 RPM of spin create the "perfect combination" for maximizing driver distance. The company has not announced if they will manufacture and market a 17° driver, nor did they announce an anticipated release date for the 14° SLDR or a manufacturer's suggested retail price. The MSRP of the "standard" SLDR models is US $399.

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Image via TaylorMade adidas Group

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mjaber says:
Callaway's new "Big Bertha" is adding a sliding adjustability feature as well.
GolfSmith7 says:
I can hit out there pretty good so people are surprised when I tell them I play my driver at 11.5* with a stiff shaft. After they know I get all sorts of advice "that if I lowered it to 8.5* or 9.5* I'd hit it even farther." Meanwhile these short knockers are playing those low lofts. 11.5 seems fine by me and I am sure the 14 can help others too.
jasonfish11 says:
To get a 17* launch you dont need a 17* driver. I have a 15* launch angle and a 9.5* driver.

Although when I go to get a new driver I doubt I'll have less than 10.5* of loft on it.
dtak84 says:
@Jasonfish11 Different strokes for different folks... A lot of factors determine what your launch angle is, and for some, the higher loft of the face is the easiest way to increase launch angle.
Torleif Sorenson says:
When I worked at a golf retail store in 2007, one of my co-workers got fitted for a new driver — and the recommendation was for a 13° driver with an extra-stiff shaft. I have the feeling that, whenever I can afford a new "big dog," it will be at least an 11.5° model.
snuffyword says:
Wouldn't the loft be considered a 3+ FW with just a bigger head? To sound like a broken record, my 15* Tour Edge CB1 sometimes goes as far as my driver and I tee off with it on shorter holes. What ever happened to the Frankenwood? Great marketing from Taylormade. Wish I could score better with what they are pushing.
birdieXris says:
There's no way, physically speaking, that this club puts less spin on the ball than my 10*. Low front CG and higher loft, no way in hell. More marketing garbage to sell drivers to people who should just hit a 3 wood instead.
Virtuaframax says:
Let me guess... they will also have the lenght down to a 44 1/2?
mtbrewr says:
I have to say this doesn't fit with my experience. I've played with an 11.5 TMr9 for the past couple years and while I hit it pretty well I felt that I wasn't getting the all distance I was capable of. This year I found a 9.5 TMr9 head for my stock r9 motore shaft and I'm consistently getting another 20-30 yrds of the tee.
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