Google Glass Meets GolfSight
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/12/13
H-Ts: Mandelbaum and jattruia

One of our oobgolf members, Paul Goldstein, is a talented software developer. His latest creation is an app called GolfSight, which marries the hardware technology of Google Glass to a real-world golf application:

Golf Digest's Luke Kerr-Dineen also has this interesting profile of Goldstein and his latest creation, which includes some fascinating voice-response capability. Kerr-Dineen also quoted Matt Egbert of the Google Glass team:
"It's not about supplementing reality. It's about using technology to engage with the world around you. Think about it, when your head is down and you're looking at your phone, you're cutting off the world around you. This allows you to keep engaging with everyone and everything all the time."
This is just one more piece of incontrovertible evidence that when you get older, the toys don't go away — they just get more expensive and more fun. Also, 10,000 points to Paul for taking the game we all love to a new and higher level.

Still, we wonder what the USGA would think about this...

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Dusty23 says:
Pardon my non technology way of life, but I am assuming that this info is displayed on a set of computerized glasses? My last set of bifocals cost me around $300, I can only imagine what these must cost and exactly how big and heavy are they. Talk about your birth control glasses.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Dusty23, I also tend to be at least a generation behind in personal and golf technology and electronics - with the exception of my Android phone. But the idea of trying out Google Glass lenses appeals to me greatly.

For use in an automobile, I can only assume that navigation and traffic information applications are under development for Google Glass, much as Paul has developed GolfSight.

Besides, these things probably have a certain appeal to some women. If you want to see BCDs, take a look at what the military issues recruits at basic training. :-P
Kurt the Knife says:
kinda getting in the way of admiring the beautiful fall colors in those trees.
Duke of Hazards says:
@beef, imagine all that time wasted scrolling down 4 options all the time.
Dusty23 says:
Torleif, those military specs are exactly what I was talking about, thank god I had 20/20 back then. Can't wait for this stuff in a car, another reason for you take yours eyes off what really counts, the road.
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