Callaway Speed Regime Golf Balls
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/15/14

In the run-up to Christmas, with all the accompanying hysteria and the dozens of Christmas parties some of us never get invited to, another product announcement slipped under our proverbial radar.

The men and women at Callaway Golf have unveiled their latest golf ball creation; the Speed Regime line is balls is advertised as "tour level," but each has different characteristics — and a simplified fitting plan based on a golfer's swing speed.
  • SR 1: 90 m.p.h. and below

  • SR 2: 90 m.p.h. to 105 m.p.h.

  • SR 3: 105 m.p.h. and above

According to Callaway, all three balls "fly farther," but the behavior and characteristics are necessarily different. The SR 1 is designed for lift at lower speeds toward the end of the ball flight, when the ball is descending. The SR2 is designed to produce a sort of "happy medium" between lift at low speed with low drag at higher ball-speeds. The SR 3's profile is meant to reduce drag at higher speeds in the first stages of ball flight — the intended result being longer distances.

Additional details are available from Callaway in this "flip book."

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Image via Callaway Golf

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GolfSmith7 says:
I would try these. Number 2 would probably fit me best. However, the ball should "fly farther" not "sly farther"
Torleif Sorenson says:
#%$&... (error since corrected)
mmontisano says:
apparently Callaway thinks dubstep will make them seem cooler, but it's actually doing the opposite for me.
snuffyword says:
Tour i, Tour i(s), Tour i(z), Tour i(x), Hex Black, Hex Chrome, Hex Chrome+, etc, etc. Gotta love marketing or you will get bored. I guess I will have to give them a try and compare them to the previous iterations. I still tee up a 2009 Pro V1 every now and then when I need to regain my confidence. That was a good year for me. I do like the Taylormade Lethal but I have been gaming the Bridgestones B330-RX the last couple of years. Get fitted and find what works for you and which one you feel good about. For instance, I should be playing more Bridgestone e5/e6 but I prefer the B330-RX. Why? Because I have noticed the consistency in my short game.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Good thing we all have the machines to tell us our swing speeds in our garages.
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