Perfect Pitch Practice Mats
By Torleif Sorenson on 2/4/14

In the world of computing and document design, templates are a huge time-saver. Now, a Santa Monica, California-based company is taking this concept to the golf course and the practice range.

The Perfect Pitch practice mat provides a way to develop a consistent address, stance, and ball positioning. Using muscle memory and repeated practice, the Perfect Pitch practice mat is designed to help golfers position themselves correctly for chips, pitches, flops, and bunker shots. The mat is lightweight and easy to use, not just at the course, but in the backyard, garage, basement, or wherever.

The mat is available in men's, women's, and children's versions, and sells on the company's web site for $64.95; free shipping is available. And your humble correspondent is seriously considering spilling for one of these!

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legitimatebeef says:
Improve my game by way of wha??? Address, stance, ball position... practice??? Snake-oil!
mustang6560 says:
Practice. Novel concept, eh Beef?
jasonfish11 says:
I'm with beef. I'm waiting for the miguel angel jimenez practice matt. Includes humidor, ashtray, and decanter. And shows you where to position each during your practice routine.
jfurr says:
The Pet Rock. The guy made a million dollars.
DougE says:

Chipping, pitching and making flop shots from a flimsy-assed mat is about as helpful as practicing your putting on the living room carpet. Totally unrealistic. Probably worse than hitting irons off of hard mats at the driving range. Doesn't tell you a damn thing about good ball/turf interaction which is what's necessary to strike the ball well. I don't care how many colored lines you silkscreen on it, there is no substitute for practicing proper technique on real grass, preferably the type of turf you play on.

Torlief, don't be sucked in by something so gimmicky...and useless. Save your money and actually play a round or two this year and commit to lots of practice on grass beforehand. If you can't afford a short-game lesson, ask any low-handicapper for a little help on the matter. Most will be glad to help. You'll likely learn more in 15 minutes with a little instruction on real grass, than from something with cute little colored lines drawn on a cheap piece of crap.
falcon50driver says:
This might work if you combined it with a baseball cap with a weight dangling in front, a frogger towel tucked under your left armpit, a gps watch, and dual hinged club that has sliding weights and oversized grips. While wearing those fancy underwear and sox that wick the perspiration under the raingear. etc etc
Torleif Sorenson says:
Wow, you guys are cynical. Winter blues? Seasonal Affective Disorder?
GBogey says:
$9.95 I'd go it. $19.95 might try it. $64.95 - there's a sucker born every moment.
Matt F says:
^^^ 100% agree, as an added bonus, how long do you think the spray painted marks are going to last?
jasonfish11 says:
It looks like it would be really difficult to make your own. Also you could add a rubber matt to the bottom to make it less cheap and flimsy.

Still not sure how well it would work. Good concept for practicing but I doubt hitting chips and flops off an artificial POS will work all that well.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I agree with DougE. Why spend 65 bucks when you only golf once every 5 years?
legitimatebeef says:
I wouldn't touch the thing but I do like the idea of working on these things. Way too much attention is given to the swinging of the club. When are you people going to realize that your bad shots were doomed before you even took the club back?
falcon50driver says:
Yeah, you people will never learn.
DaRupp13 says:
DougE - I'd say the mat is much less effective than putting on your living room carpet. I putt on regular carpet for practice to help solidify the motion, and also learn how much altered swing speed adjusts the ball distance. You have to readjust once you get to a green, but it's not a hard transition.

However, yes it's true...this mat has no use.
mkorvac says:
At $65.00 not much to consider here. As noted earlier $19.95 maybe..
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