ioob Charting in action!
ioob Charting For iGoogle
By Kickntrue on 5/4/07
This could be called "oobgolf users are awesome II". Josh Ives took some time out of his schedule and used his expertise to create an oobgolf application for use on your personalized google page. It lets you put your oobgolf chart into your homepage as a movable application.

The instructions are below- and it really isn't as difficult as it looks.

Of course- you must have a google account for this to work. If you don't have one- let us know- we'll invite you. Or ask a friend.

  1. From your google home page click the "Add Stuff" link at the upper right

  2. At the top of the next page next to the search button is a link for "Add by URL" click said link

  3. In the space for the url enter:

  4. After clicking ok you will get a message from google saying that the gadget was not created by them, etc. click ok to add it.

  5. After adding the gadget click the "Back to homepage" link in the upper left

  6. The gadget should appear and will initially ask you for your preferences the preferences should be pretty straight forward but here are some details just in case:

    1. The "show oobgolf logo" box is checked by default, removing it will make the gadget slightly smaller but will remove some functionality. With the oobgolf logo on you can click the logo at any time to hide the charts and re-shrink the gadget.

    2. "Your Name" hopefully you know what this is, this is the name that will display in the menu bar for YOUR oob charts

    3. "your oob username" this is the username you use on oobgolf, the username that you use to log in to oobgolf with.

    4. "Name x" this is the name that will display in the menu bar for up to 3 of your friends you may want to consider using first names only for people with long names, this is less important in firefox than it is in IE, IE doesn't obey standards and things take more room than they should... in Firefox everything is beautiful.

    5. "username x" these are the oobgolf usernames for those friends.

    6. Click the save settings buttons, and keep in mind you don't have to add any friends if don't have any friends who use oob... of course if none of your friends use oob you should beat yourself for not telling them to do so.

    7. Once you're settings are saved you can click the names in the bar to show charts for each of those people.

Awesome Users... Seriously!

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dectra says:
nice. Now if I can just get my damn handicap down...
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