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User Bags First Ever Hole-In-One
By Kickntrue on 10/25/07
One of our users- TaylorFade, was out playing a round at The Bluffs On Thompson Creek and on the fourth hole hit a perfect 3-iron... right into the hole. Congrats on your first hole-in-one!

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chipotle mg says:
congrats bro
TaylorFade says:
Woo-hoo! Thanks. You can see the tee box way back there in the back (the little peninsula in the water). It's an elevated green from 190. I knew I hit it good but thought it may have rolled off- nope! Nothin but the bottom of the cup.

Drinks are on me!
falcon50driver says:
It's a great feeling to have accomplished the most difficult and rare aspect of the game. I know you are proud. Congratulations !!!!
mattlagolf says:
you must of used the NXT TOUR that is a very good ball.
player says:
good shot!
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