Jennifer out of a bunker.
An Ace In The Hole
By Kickntrue on 6/23/08
Believe it or not, we check out many of the thousands of scores posted on oobgolf weekly. Sometimes you see something that jumps out at you. We actually received a heads-up from one of Jennifer Uman's golfing buddies about her round this weekend which included the rare "Yatzee small straight" on the four par 3's.

She scored a hole-in-one, a birdie, a par and a bogie. (1, 2, 3, 4)

It was Jennifer's first hole-in-one and her best round ever! Rumor has it that Jennifer is a huge oobgolf fan and we just wanted to return the love.

So the moral of the story is: use oobgolf and you'll score better and hit hole-in-ones. That works right? Didn't we just scientifically prove that?

Score Detail

** Well- I got a good photo of Jennifer. Rumor has it thre are "pin-up" photos out there somewhere, but alas for us oobers this will have to do. :)

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Howzit says:
Congrats Jennifer!!!
fattrandy says:
Wow congrats, My closest to a hole in one was 5 inches from the cup. Recently, I have been using oobgolf and will report my scientific results :)
Silver Bullet says:
theredmission says:
Awesome, I was a tap in away from one yesterday-I darn near had a heart attack as I was by myself and would've had no one to vouch for me.
golfpro926 says:
Welcome to the club! Congrats!
Jake Turley says:
I thought I was cool by getting 2 eagles this year. Congrats, it's no wonder you have great posture.
El Presidente says:
Making our "Palm Tree Gang" group proud! Way to go "Lil Fox"!!
Cannonball says:
nice job, lil Fox. yet another girl in the Palm Tree Gang making me look bad. Couldn't be happier for ya. Drink are on you now... right?
PapaJoe says:
Yay Jennifer!! I agree with "Cannonball". Where's our drinks??? Actually, I'll settle for a kiss on the cheek!! Howaboutit? Even via this long distance web site would be a thrill!! Or.... how about a JPEG file of the "Pin Up"?? Congrats and keep on Yahtzeeing!!!
Kickntrue says:
Jennifer... I think it's time for you to make a statement. At least tell us the story!
Lil Fox says:
Here's the play by play. It's impossible to tell a decent story in 1200 characters or less, so, Part I...On Saturday morning 6 of us, including our golf teacher, Chris, from Golftec (shameless plug) headed north from WPB to the PGA Learning Ctr in Port St. Lucie to master the short game. After a few hours of practice, we decided on a match of guys vs girls and headed for the course. The girls were having a great day with career performances on the front 9. The guys' performance was, shall we say, less than stellar. We were a bit distracted when we pulled up to #12 tee. Nicole had just been stung by 3 wasps and we were a bit concerned. Add to that, the two-some behind us was always waiting, so I wanted to play fast. It was 114 to the center, but the pin was up and I've been hitting my irons a little short of late (Chris, we need to work on that) so I drew a 7 iron and swung away.
Lil Fox says:
Part II...At first I thought it was going long, but the clouds must have been playing tricks on me. It took one bounce about 4 yards shy of the cup, then disappeared. Not sure of what I saw, I turned around to inquire and was greeted with screams of excitement. Needless to say, more screaming ensued, along with lots of jumping up and down and what was probably a very embarrassing little dance. Following the unwritten laws of golf, I stunk up the next hole with a snowman. Seriously, who can concentrate after a hole in one?! Eventually I got it together and finished with my best round ever, a 90. Guys vs girls? We obliterated them straight up in 2 of 3 matchups and by 15+ on the 3rd after hc. Needless to say, the guys were crying in their beers, which I paid for! Borrowing from the LPGA...these girls rock! What a day! And before I forget, thanks to Tommy and oobgolf for my 15 minutes of fame!
Kickntrue says:
Awesome story!! Thanks for sharing.
PapaJoe says:
Lil Fox, even though I don't know you... way to go! Keep up the supreme spirit. Ain't life wonderful when golf is good?? The game needs more spirits like you!!
King Goo says:
lil fox...big deal! look forward to "whipping" your ass tomorrow.
enviroman22 says:
Congratulations (to beers vs. girls that rock)!
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