Wish Lexus Luck Today!
Live Mobile Scoring 101
By Kickntrue on 7/16/08
We introduced the ability to communicate back and forth on oobgolf's Live Scoring feature a couple weeks ago. I think somebody finally "tapped" its potential last night.

One of our younger members Lexus Keoninh is playing this week in the Callaway World Jr. Championship at Torrey Pines- ya that Torrey Pines. So how did he do in round 1? How about -1 good enough to be tied for 4th. That's right, 4th out of all 15-17 year olds in the world. Did we mention he's good? You should check out his myspace page- it has info and videos of Lex's background. He's the man!

Anyway- Lex has been keeping live scores on oobgolf's Live Scoring so friends and family can track his scores while on the course. The tournament scoring solution does update fast enough- and quite frankly it's not as fun.

Yesterday- Lex's round started rolling and the comments just rocked! Over 175 comments on the score page. Some score updates and info- and then just a lot of people giving Lex love. He tees off again today for the second round. We should all check in and let Lex know we're watching.

Don't worry- someone else is handling the phone and score entering so we aren't actually bugging him or messing with his game in anyway.

A Lesson In Live Scoring

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Team Lexus says:
The best live scoring for Junior Golf Tournaments!!!! (or any tournaments) Thanks oobgolf! I'm spreading the words!
munk24 says:
El Presidente says:
I'll call that ditto and raise you one!
Lexus Keoninh says:
Thanks again guys. I have to work on the putting and bunker shots.
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