We Need Birdies!
By Kickntrue on 8/1/08
2,000,000 over par as a community. We need some birdies guys and gals! It's a long way back to par. :)

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new2golf says:
Well I didn't post any birdies but I did post MY FIRST EAGLE!
Kickntrue says:
Wow! We'll take those too. Congrats!
Ben Crane says:
I'll gladly adjust my scorecard to reflect what I believe is my true skill level. 12 under par rounds here I come...
theredmission says:
Well if my putter didnt suck so bad my total would be double was it is this year. Still looking for my first eagle of the year though.
fattrandy says:
Its me. Im the bogie golfer, but I swear Ill make it up!
M.Nugent says:
Me too Im a bogie golfer in my mind but clearly worse based on my scores
iluv5pam says:
serious, i blew like 4-5, 7-10 birdie putts last i played. =(
ecss08 says:
Well Once I can drive over 150yards, I help with those birdie stats... Par fives are killing me LOL But i'm with Ben I can adjust my score cards to reflect even 10 under, These 30 over rounds are killer LOL
kidputter says:
Look at the stats from a different perspective. 1.8 million holes. 2 million over par. Just above bogie golf. About a 20 handicap. Twist it that way and it ain't so bad.
fun2invest says:
I'll just start posting my scores when I start scoring birdies. I'll see you in about three years,LOL.
M.Nugent says:
I have been a big part of this over par community. 26.6 handicap
sifuwk says:
I was finally having a good game on the nine hole course I play. After 6 holes I was 3 over par the came back to my true level and added 10 strokes over in the next 3 holes to make it 13 over par.
SilkySmoothFlatStick says:
I watched a group of guys on the course the other day giving each other 10 ft putts. I asked them at the end of the day how many birdies they made. Answer - Zero. Now I understand!
JCI36990 says:
Hey, It wasn't my idea to count every stroke
player says:
im only 11 years old and i have yet to get my 1st birdie.
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