oob Winners Are Giddy
By Kickntrue on 2/18/09
Winning on oobgolf makes you happy. It's a known fact. Take for example Jennifer Pang, who won an Adidas golf bag with an amazing "Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue," poem. Jennifer was so happy in fact she sent me these pictures with her new bag.

If you're as jealous as me that Jennifer has an awesome Adidas bag and you don't, you can Buy One Here.

Another reason I show you this is because you could be a winner too. You have an opportunity to win on oobgolf every week, simply by sending a question to our resident Wedge Guy. All you have to do is submit a question each week to enter a chance to win a FREE Custom Fit EIDOLON wedge. Join the happy club!

Thanks again to Jennifer for being a good sport and Adidas for the bag!

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